Friday, 5 December 2008

Dress a blogger for Hanukkah, Christmas, Happy Holiday

The next willing victim for a dressing session is Sally of Already Pretty. Now on Saturday I went to see a friend of mine in an Amateur Dramatic production of an adaptation of Jane Austen's Mansfield Park. I was quite taken with the servants costume in a lovely grey and white fine vertical stripe but luckily for Sally I'll be keeping my flights of fancy to myself.

However it did put me in mind of this dress from Toast which I think would add an easy glamour to Sally.

This Anastasia dress has a soft cotton velvet bodice and a fluid, weighty, glossy silk satin skirt. Now that I've blown the budget on the dress (£132.13 - the odd cost is due to the VAT reduction) I popped to New Look to accessorise.

Multi Jewel Bracelet £10 New Look

These satin flats £15 (available in black, midnight blue or fuchsia)

And in case it's a bit chilly there is a lace bolero £25 from Topshop


  1. Fantastic job!! She would look fantasticly gorgeous in these pieces. I am really loving this series. Brilliant idea!:-)

  2. YIPPEEEEEE! I’m a huge Austen fan, and no doubt would’ve loved the servant’s costume, but this is even better. Not much of a flats girl, but all the other pieces are perfect: Love the red in the dress, the sparkly cuff, and that FAB lace bolero. My favorite enboobening piece. Thanks, Kate. ;)

  3. The bolero is all Sal! Great choices Kate. As usual.

  4. Love the look, and I can imagine Sal with it.
    That bolero is gorgeous!!!


  5. Sal would be an absolute star in that dress.

  6. I spotted that dress in the tiny google reader and thought; It Has to Be Sal!

    What a gorgeous choice. And I love the bracelet too. I am always a bit scared of pretend jewelry, reminds me of the dressing up box, but I can't afford the real thing either. One very pretty piece like that could make an outfit.

    Oh how lovely a series this is.

    Bet ya couldnt do me.

  7. Cute frock - I think this is my favourite look so far. xx

  8. Ah, the dress is awesome. I love the color block

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