Tuesday, 2 December 2008

A look back to Saturday

I've often received comments regarding my appearance in apparel. I do prefer to write but realise that visuals are an imperative of the fashion blogger. On Saturday night I met a photographer who'd spent £1000 on a fantastic lens, I only wish I had his camera and lens and the photos might be a bit better. Oh no that'll be the subject matter! Still I give you my Saturday day wear and my Saturday evening attire.

Stripy long sleeve tee Gap
Short sleeve tee with blahy image H&M
Sleeveless navy knit Jigsaw
Skinny jeans Topshop
Biker boots Gap
Cocktail ring Dorothy Perkins
Anchor necklace Accessories
Scorpio zodiac necklace Paul Smith

Dress Vintage (it was long and my mother bought it in Fenwicks in the 70s. I shortened it years ago and added really heavy fringe beading I bought in John Lewis)

Sequin scarf M&S, but several years old

Tights John Lewis

Shoes Roger Vivier


  1. Vivier shoes...that's me done!!!!

  2. I love the daytime/night time contrast of these two looks! So glamorous by night I must say.

  3. Hi there-yaay, love to see you parading in your togs my dear!! That black dress is fabulous and nice to see the biker boots in action too!

  4. i really like both looks!!! that vintage dress and what you did to it is fantastic!

  5. I'm crap at photos too... love that last vintage dress....

  6. I think you look so great in both looks despite they're so different.
    Fab casual and amazing night looks.


  7. great knack for mixing it up. the dress is beautiful.

  8. Love the last outfit! That dress is fantastic and you wear it well.

  9. Hey, Ms. Gorgeous, the subject matter is beautiful so you be nice to her.;-) Great ensembles. I am coveting your Roger Vivier shoes. They are on my "someday" list.

  10. Hurrah! I'd almost forgotten what you look like, beautiful. Totally loving the burgundy tights with the black frock - what a great, unexpected combo. Well, to me, anyway ...

  11. Looking pretty fabulous, Make Do. The vintage Fenwicks frocks is superb. xx

  12. Yay. finally get to see YOU! You know how to sport causal and elegant all too well. I guess that's sort of required being a stylist?

    I'm hopeless at complimenting stylists... What do I say? Oh you dress well... but that's given. :P

  13. I love seeing you in outfits, Kate. Clearly you don't need a stylist for yourself—these looks are absolutely perfect for you. I love the vintage dress.

  14. hey hon.loving both looks,the dress is delish!

  15. I had no idea of your fabulousness!

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