Friday, 19 December 2008

We interrupt this fashion blog for...


The wonderful Delicious Industries sent me a parcel which got delivered when I was out. I didn't know who it was from before I nipped to the Royal Mail sorting office to pick it up. When I received the packet in my hands and knew it was from Delicious Industries I blurted out 'fudge!' Luckily it sounded like fudge as the no verbal abuse to staff notice was there before my eyes. Here is the evidence of my love of fudge captured in Roly's in Brighton.

I skipped out and ran to the car where upon I pounced, no I was not going to wait for Christmas Day - it's fudge!


  1. oooh!!! i miss fudge so very much from my time in the UK... we don't get it here (sigh) althogh I make up for it with shortbread, heheh

  2. Hi there-lucky you!! I adore fudge, especially the different flavoured varieties!!

  3. Hmmmm...yum yum! Can I melt that in my bath too :) I bet you that would smell great in hot water!

    Just dropping by to wish you happy holidays as things are about to get real busy.

    xo Grayburn

  4. So glad it arrived safely. I love that you tucked into it straight away in the car!

    Merry Christmas and all the best!


  5. Yum! Handmade fudge is such a treat - I used to work as a confectioner at a cnady shop and we made 5 types of fudge, including peanut butter, my fave!


  6. You skip for fudge. That is good to know. ;-)I will remember that. Enjoy it. Very nice of D.I.!

  7. I love fudge! I don't like chocolate, so fudge is my substitute. I've tried to make my own a few times but it never quite works (probably because I'm too lazy to drag out the confectionery thermometer thingo and do it properly).

    Lucky you!

  8. I never knew you were such a fudge monster! I've never really got the hang of fudge, it's the texture (too claggy) and the taste (too sweet). Every so often, I'll try some to see if maybe I just had bad fudge. The outcome is always the same: A fridge full of half eaten fudge.

    BTW Merry Chrimbo back at ya and thanks for popping round.

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  10. delish!!! i love fudge but have not had it in the longest time.delish i tell you. enjoy it honey,
    muah x

  11. fudge is seriously the best thing in the world :). well, one of them, at least.

    La C.

  12. mmmmmmmmmm fudge is my second fav sweety-choc. ah you're so lucky.

  13. Oh wow, nice sweet treat, Made Do. xx

  14. Hmmm... seems so hummy....

    All the best my dear, I wish you a happy Holiday Season.



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