Thursday, 18 December 2008

Easy pieces

Finding time to post at the moment is a real effort. Yesterday I hot footed it to John Lewis on Oxford Street to get petit garcon a scooter for Christmas. Before hitting Oxford Street I popped into Fortnums to buy some coffee. Christmas isn't Christmas without something from Fortnums and since there'll be no hamper this year, coffee is the ticket. I love the Sandringham blend at Christmas, even though I'm no royalist it is the fact they all decamp to Sandringham in Norfolk for their Christmas celebrations and walk to church in the morning and generally convey an orderly British celebration of yuletide. I even enjoy the spectacle of the hunt on boxing day although I'm anti hunting. I wished they'd just drag hunt. My objection to hunting is the stress and trauma caused to the animal.
Sandringham, Norfolk in the snow

Anyway back to Christmas! Near to Fortnum and Mason on Piccadilly is St James Church which always has a market in the church yard this time of year. I popped in to St James to have a browse, and saw a lovely carved elephant which I fell in love with. The stall holder is quite bonkers, eccentric British gamekeeper totally in love with Africa. He saw me examining the tusks and knew what I was thinking and told me straightaway they weren't ivory. If I was to share the whole conversation you'd still be reading this after Christmas. This one carving was in light wood whilst the rest of the Kenyan carvings were in dark or ebony wood. At £35 I thought it was silly to spend on a carved elephant. I decided to walk away as I've never been one for carvings or sculptures and the money should be spend on college books! Well, I literally got up the steps and eight paces along Piccadilly, stopped, turned around and went back and bought it. Wrapped in a used supermarket bag she was a joy to carry around in my bag and now sits happily in my hall. Isn't it funny how you can completely fall for something and it brings such joy.

My lovely new housemate, Poppet the elephant (yes I know I'm getting a bit gaga!)

Mind you the elephant and Christmas shopping has broken the bank and I've stuck to a £300 budget! With college, chrimbo and an overdraft I realise no new clothes next year is a reality. I feel quite sad about it but know I can do it. So last night I watched an episode of Sex and the City to cheer me up. I quite happily watch them again and again because I love the costume detail, even though I mutter about them sometimes not working with the narrative and a few others things! Last nights one was when Carrie gets back with Aidan, when he's actually hot in his white shirt. What interested me was her white tshirt and the diamante necklace. How simple, how easy and yet two pieces that work well together with no effort or clashing. Phew this look is one of the ones that is going to save my bank balance and make me smug. Shame I can't find a photo to share of the outfit - oh well Aidan will have to do instead!


  1. I here ya...I have a household of things that have brought me such pleasure and each and everyone was bought from a similar mad(ish) type person. Although, you Brits do the kind of mad normally done best by aging Southern Belles. So you win.

  2. Elephants with their trunks up are very good luck - so I think you can justify the expenditure on that grounds alone!

    My little dude is also getting a scooter for christmas, he already has the helmet thankfully...

  3. Imelda Matt - I feel truly Bette Davies after that!

    Skye - yep it's a winner, also have helemt already too, phew aussi!

  4. Oh to be a Ex African Expat Brit!
    I would love to be a wildly oversexed spinster riding deliciously virile native young men and being blase about the snakes and leopards. Style me in jodphurs, pith helmet, khaki shirt with 3 buttons undone (wonder bra) and riding crop.
    Ditto on Trunk detail on the Ele-phant, very important.

    Happy Crimbo Makey Do!

  5. Hi there-Poppet was a perfect xmas present to yourself, he looks wonderful!! Thanks for the well wishes too!

  6. Poppet looks great there with the fairy lights. I think we all deserve a little treat when Christmas shopping - it makes it much more bearable!

  7. Impulse elephant purchase -- very unique!

  8. So glad you brought that elephant home. I bet he'll turn out to be one of those impulse buys that brings you endless joy.

  9. Coffee and Aidan, good deal!Love the elephant!

  10. Great wee elephant find. Maybe you should start a blog called wee elephanty!

    You've just reminded me that I have to get down to Fortnum & Mason to pick up some Christmas tea. Yum. xx

  11. I love Aidan, so much hotter than Mr. Big.

    don´t you think?

  12. I agree with Kira, Aidan all the way!!

  13. Poppet the elephant is such a great buy. Here we say that elephants give luck. So I wish you all the best dear.

    Happy Holidays


  14. How funny, I'm about to do a post on white t-shirts with diamante necklaces! I feel your pain re the 'no shopping' rule. I'm drastically cutting down next year too. I may even have to shop -gulp - HIGH STREET!

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