Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Fund raiser purchases.

Having stuck to my resolution about not spending money on clothes etc. I knew I needed a wardrobe top up somehow without breaking into my MA survival funds. I've been working my wardrobe quite well so any item I felt served no further purpose was put on ebay.

Two good things happened as a result of this. Firstly I breathed new space and fresh organisation into my closet. Secondly I got to shop for me! I compiled my fantasy wish list - you know it only reads like a Net-A-Porter or my-wardrobe.com editorial script - then I went on a high street reality check and made a proper list. Which consisted of a pair of trousers, day dress, going out dress, skirt, top, earrings, belt and sandals/shoes. My hit list shops were narrowed to items in Zara, Topshop, Reiss and Cos.

Luckily for me Mr MDS bought me the coveted belt from Reiss as a Valentine present. It is a gorgeous dusky pink patent number with a gold buckle detail.

I tried on my lusted after items and then thought about it for a day before I purchased. I decided to get the Zara items as they would go quicker than the Cos ones - it is a retailing fact, merchandise moves quickly in Zara. And also I got two pairs of earrings in Dorothy Perkins as its cheaper than Topshop but I still get 10% student discount!

Zara (Chloe-esque) blue cotton trousers £25.90

Zara (quite YSL 70s vibe) Orange Dress £69.90

Dorothy Perkins faux gold dangly numbers £7 and silve butterfly hoops £4 (- 10% discount £9.90 in total)

I have to confess this small retail therapy indulgence felt good!


  1. Hi there-yaay, so pleased for you and you chose very well-the dress is a lovely colour and style!!

  2. I love that orange dress too. Gorgeous!

  3. Love the trousers and I bet you've been on a high since :)

  4. Oh I want to go shopping as well! I love the dangly earrings and the dress. Tells me that spring is fast coming!

    x Grayburn

  5. Hi there-There is an award waiting for you on my blog, see you soon!

  6. These look great! I love how much new, spring colour you've injected into your wardrobe with these purchases.

  7. Love these Spring goodies. Nice reward for getting through the first terms. You deserve it.

  8. Great colour for the pants and the dress... love it!!!

    Very nice all the stuff.


  9. Love the Perkins earrings!!

    Yay for retail therapy!


  10. jealous of those lovely trousers, wonder if I can find them over here?

  11. fun fun fun. When I was shopping addicted I used to dig out reciepts and return things, then spend it all again 3 times before I got out of the shop. your way is much healthier.

  12. Nice buys and you totally deserve it :) Jx

  13. I love these blue trousers--great finds!!

  14. Nice choices, Kate! I love what you bought.


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