Saturday, 9 May 2009

Genius High Street jeans

I'm on day 2 of a 9 day stint at the Harlequin Centre in Watford during May and am at the cutting edge of putting women of all ages and sizes in all types of jeans.
My fab four are currently all probably off trend but deliver a great look for those who care more about fit than fashion fix.

Oasis - Scarlet, truly a reliable number for those who need style and a good fit but nothing too out there! The white pair look fab and its nice to see some white jeans making women smile.

Warehouse - Bell bottoms, these are so funky and give a great shape particularly if you are slightly pear shape these lengthen the leg and create a bit of drama.
M&S - really, really and truly. They have these high waisted wide leg jeans that are great. They are a good colour, have nice seams and the white stitching looks good. They work on all ages and it is lovely to see the 50+ age group having jeans that fit a wide variety of sizes that look good. The M&S bootcut are great too for the older lady looking for both style and comfort. I'm really impressed.
French Connection - the boot flare, again a glamorous addition to the wardrobe with high heels or flats depending on the length of the legs. Go for a snug fit as the denim is soft and expands easily. Just wash constantly to regain that taut LA look! The £65 ones are lower waisted than the high waisted £70 ones.

I have to give a shout out for best fashion fix jeans at River Island, tres Balmain at bargain budget level - the ripped pale wash skinny jean at £39.99. Due to the impossible nature of the River Island site I can't link directly to the product but they are featured on front page, currently and in the jeans section!


  1. Hi there-well done on showing such a fabulous selection! I did a post on Friday for anyone who wanted to check you out at the Harlequin! Have a great weekend my dear!

  2. I like the French connection ones a lot. The waist is a bit mom jeans (but great for hiding a tummy - I won't use the word that Imeldamatt uses for when a tummy drops a little low)

  3. Fab selection Warehouse do have a great selection. Wish I was near Watford!

  4. I wish the jean Genie did house calls.

  5. You're back! - I've not checked in for ages - hope you're well. How's the film going? Jx

  6. This jeans was so fab,and i like it so much..;D

    Travel and Living

  7. I wish the Jean Genie did house calls.

  8. Jeans are suddenly the new "Prada", the must have piece de resistance - especially when they are worn with a very individual look. Thanks for the cool selection.

  9. OMG Kate. I bought those Jeans! I would not have dared as much had you not given me the confidence to try new things and challenge my view of myself. I could use some help styling the jeans though. I love them to bits and they make my bum look awesome. LOL. Love your blogs by the way. Cheers, Rachel T


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