Sunday, 3 May 2009

Jean Genie

Forgive me for my dual relationship with the blogosphere. I was consumed with the demands of essay writing and felt that I was delivering a poor service and needed a break. I'm sort of back but still caught between my love of making do and a serious analysis of all matter fashion and film.

I have discovered that I'm actually not Mark Kermode when it comes to film reviews! Which is probably a good thing as he is rather excellent at them and whilst I wish I was as good as Mr Kermode, I'm actually much better at my fictional attempts.

However I now know I'm good at my make do style delivery. This is very cheery news and none more so than when my expertise is called upon to delivery good old fashioned high street fashion solutions.

I'm quite excited to be the stylist in residence at the Harlequins shopping centre in Watford (almost VB territory if you count the Hertfordshire Beckingham Palace residence) for the month of May on all matters concerning jeans!

This prompted me to review my jeans scenario and find it sadly lacking on the looking sexy front. It was fine from the point of view of skinnies - tick (Topshop), old pair of good bootcuts -tick (2004 Abercrombie and Fitch purchase in NYC). However I had a pair of American Lucky jeans with hole in knee due to car races with petit garcon and a suspect H&M pair that really only are allowed to fall into mum on go/ in house bracket ( oh how I envy all without kids who have no need for jeans!)

Realising I needed high street not designer jeans I hot footed it to French Connection and splurge £70 of my precious pounds on a fab pair which I'm not sure are available on tinternet.
I fell for them because they are the pair that I thought were very Chloe-esque. They remind me of Phoebe at her height (is it me or am I the only person desperate for her first proper Celine collection!)

Anyway you'll either get to see me at Watford if you are passing or on a video being filmed this Friday when I do a make over!


  1. Hooray! and glad to see you back. jeans huh? If you see VB be sure to tell her; her horrible black Rock Republic jeans can be picked up for next to nix in Second Avenue, Sandymount.
    (where I got my Sevens)


  2. Hi there-welcome back and on one of my favourite subjects-jeans!! Well done on the FC jeans purchase, I believe jeans are such a great investment purchase (maybe thats why I have about a dozen pairs, LOL!) Will look forward to seeing you on the video my dear!

  3. Jeans are such investment pieces.
    Welcome back, here.


  4. Wish I could pop over to Watford and see you.

  5. Congrats on the residency, very cool!

    Good to see you, and would love to see the new jeans in action.

  6. Welcome back! Can't wait to see your next post friend.;D Have a wonderful day..

  7. Yay,welcome back..=)
    Looking forward on your next post friend.=)

  8. I have just started a new blog as I couldn't find any on fashion for women of a certain age, it all seems to be young women talking about fashion. Please check me out and I would be most grateful if you could link to me
    many thanks

  9. Congrats!!!!!
    And welcome back!!!


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