Sunday, 31 May 2009

Much appreciated!

Can't think why my daily life was allowed to ruin my blog life when I get little tokens such as this ...
This gift of appreciation was from the ever resourceful and effervescent Sharon Rose.

I'm truly rubbish usually at posting such niceties and not very good at passing on so to speak ...therefore I'm dealing with this promptly and going to award an old follower the talented and inspirational Delicious Industries and a new be blogger and follower Looking fab in your forties - keep it up!!

There are lots of you lovely bloggers and readers and I could bestow this award in you all but I'm in the midst of cooking Sunday lunch, fretting about my presentation to the external examiner on Wednesday about my MA dissertation proposal. Thank goodness for Style magazine for a distraction on all things clothes and make up!

PS am I the only person who feels very sorry for Susan Boyle losing last night. I did vote for her in case others didn't but Diversity were my first vote and choice, as I loved their brand of dance and performance from the off. I wanted them to win but voted for Susan as she has the loveliest of voices and has probably had the hardest week of her life. Bless her, isn't it awful when others take delight in your moments of confusion and despair. All I could think is how could you cope given you've never ever had sex and all your hormones must be going bonkers!


  1. Hi there-hope your week goes well, particularly on Wednesday, good luck! I liked Susan, but was well pleased Diversity won and also that Julian Smith came 3rd, he was brilliant too!

  2. Congrats! Good luck with the presentation!

  3. Thank you so much for the award - I really appreciate it.
    Re: SB - I totally agree and am heartbroken to hear that she is in The Priory.

  4. Gosh yes just woke up today to the news - she'll be fine, for once I think 'exhaustion' is the correct diagnosis.

  5. Yeah! Thank you so much - feel very honored!

  6. I am very sad about Susan Boyle! I am mad that she didn't win. I want her to still get to sing for the damn Queen! Make the Queen send her an invitation to sing!

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