Thursday, 7 July 2011

Are you Kate, Celine or Marni?

Yesterday I did a small twitter survey on personal style. Yes even with 140 characters one can convey personal style to the masses.

My simple question was in essence do you prefer Kate Middleton, (officially the Duchess of Cambridge) modern minimalism (read Celine) or Marni. The overwhelming response was 100% Marni!

Of course I was being entirely selfish as I'm preparing my next wardrobe reshuffle. I'm willing to share my tips of course. I always forward plan my look for the next season and at the same time try to establish my true personal style.

My natural tendency and love is towards all things Italian - I'm sort of a bit prim mixed with eclectic when it comes to clothes. I couldn't do Celine as it is too clean and neat. I'd never be pristine and read like a 'how to dress as a lady' book, as per the Duchess of Lean (could she get any thinner) so in truth I am that Marni girl, a bit of a a mad mix but essentially a dress and skirts type of gal.

I'll be getting on with the wardrobe sort out now. And what style type are you? How would you categorise your preferences?

Duchess of Cambridge images Daily Mail

Celine A/W 11 images

Marni A/W 11 images


  1. Definitely Marni for me, I'm all about unusual prints, skirts and dresses. x

  2. Well I dress like an elderly extra in a Midsommer Murders episode! I'm afraid the queen is my style icon, I love a bit of headscarf action, tweed skirts and low square heeled court shoes. Unfortunately I'm getting a bit old for it to be "ironic" and its getting increasingly accurate.
    If my budget allowed I'd mix my Celines with my Marni's, though I think that Marni does the best shoes.

  3. Definitely a Marni! Love the playfulness and original prints and fabrics. x LondonZest

  4. i used to have a "style" but now i don't have a fucking clue what i look like or how i dress.

    but if i just stick to your choices here, i would say defo NOT K.Mid. i hate her clothes. all taste and no play. yuck.

    i really do like the boyish minimalism of Celine. i have masses and masses of black curly hair (probably the thickest, wildest hair you've ever seen-- think Slash in the Guns n Roses days) and as a result i never wear patterns. i think patterns on me look too fussy, too decorative... i like Marni, but yeah, no good for me, and that silohuette would not work on my frame either.

    so Celine it is, even though, with my permanent bedhead, i'd never look like either of those two ladies modeling.

  5. I love Celine but the styling for this show did nothing for me. Marni looks great though xx


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