Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Micro trend for A/W - the novelty knit

This is one trend that you will either run to the hills from based on the very real fact you might look a right nit wit.

If you want to embrace it then well, I think go quality i.e. splash the cash or keep it simple!

Blow the budget on a Markus Lupfer sequin Saturn jumper at Matches for £268

Keep it on the right side of affordable with a Knitted Cream Ampersand Symbol jumper for £46 at Topshop


  1. I actually prefer the Topshop one.. my new favourite store ..altho I adore Markus Lupfer I have his lipes Tshirt xx

  2. Hi my dear-both are lovely picks of this trend, there is plenty out there I would steer clear of!!

  3. Knitwear and logos? That's one trend I'll be avoiding although I do like the sequins on the top one. x

  4. I'm with Vix on this - I'm not a jumper type of gal, and logos don't seem to work on me either...though I wouldn't mind finding another way to incorporate ampersands into my outfits... xx

  5. I quite like this trend & already have two knitted dresses with logos... massive Hello Kitty? Big black and whit gothic star? Well, I might look odd but at least I'm warm... my gran would be proud. ;)

  6. I might get a Bella Freud mini dress. I wore my last one til it fell to bits xx


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