Monday, 4 July 2011

The Groucho Club and beyond

Sometimes you need a jolly good night out, a bit of a blow out, so to speak. Mrs MDS has been languishing in the 'burbs analysing her 'options'. I'm surprised at how hard it is to adjust to a new direction. When I was invited to catch up with a few old chums in lieu of our last year's UK roadshow marathon who was I to say no.

Thanks to the celeb factor of one of the gang, The Groucho Club was our destination. How I loved the walk from Leicester Square to the Groucho. The pavements were filled with loads of people enjoying a warm London eve. I loved the smell of food, fumes and people.

Rocking up, I made for the roof terrace as I knew the smokers would be there (I'm not a smoke for clarification). I quickly got a Dirty Martini, my favourite drink - it was yummy. Subsequently I foolishly ignored the good advice of a very pleasant unknown person who suggested I tried the cucumber martini and had an espresso one instead. It was like lighting a rocket, normally I'm the sensible one but no, one moment sat chatting quietly the next I'm well besties with everyone. The only down side of this is there is not photo of my outfit which was a fab 70s look. Oh well was fun and I really paid for it the next day!

Makeup artist Tara Mears looking resplendent in a Pearl Lowe number.

Saturday night we had to go out to a birthday party and again I meant to take a proper photo of my outfit but left my iPhone at home. I took these upon our return, not very good but I really loved what I was wearing, all old items. My sandals with tie up straps are Vic Matie ones from 2003, a D&G dress from 2 years ago off eBay and a Joseph knitted lurex thing which I love to death.

Now I'm ready to embrace my new life and make the most of it! Nothing like a Martini to shake you up.


  1. wow! that espresso martini looks truly yum.

  2. Mmm, Groucho Club, and mmm to the dirty martini! Glad to hear it's given you a bit of a shake-up, if that's what you need...
    I like Tara Mears - when she saw my makeup she asked me if I was a makeup artist...!

  3. I've never been to the Groucho Club, glad you had a good time. I had my first espresso martini a few weeks ago and LOVED it xx

  4. I'm glad you had a brilliant time. I'm very scared of that espresso Martini. The last time I drank Martini it was on an ill-advised trip to Faliraki in the 1980's and it came with lemonade and a randy greek waiter. x

  5. Espresso Martinis are the PERFECT pick me up. :) What a fab evening- you're so right, a blow out is simple REQUIRED now and then!!

  6. Hi there-sounds a fabulous night and I love your dress too! xx

  7. You look fab! So does the martini....! ;)

  8. Love your outfit and dirty martinis. I used to love the Groucho but not so much since it changed hands. I'll drink a martini anywhere though! Espresso ones are lovely xx


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