Tuesday, 12 July 2011

'I want to go to London Zoo'

When arranging the annual transatlantic bloggers meet where NYC hits London Town, I had a small hiccup. Mr MDS was other wise occupied so I had to bring the petit garcon with me.

The delightful crew were happy to eat at Giraffe at Spitalfields which was very accommodating. Giraffe really is the go to place when you have kids, you really can't p*ss anyone off there with you kid(s) as it is real initial usp was capturing the yummy mummy crowd in a restaurant setting.

However, on the day I spoke to the petit and explained the outing and that he would have to sit quietly at Giraffe with the adults. He is such a willing shilling and likes to be good so I knew my luck was out when he said 'I don't want to be quiet. I want to go to London Zoo'.

I swiftly got super organised and ensured he went to the party he was invited to, thanks to another parent and arranged for Mr MDS to pick him up.

Luckily it was a pleasurable lunch venue with a great choice of food but sadly no Pimms so we had to hot foot it to a pub for that.

The hardest part was extracting myself from everyone to go home. My goodness the range of topics, gossip and views was varied and brilliant. As well as the company of the gorgeous Wendy B. it was a pleasure to meet Mr B, who is charming, considered and very very brilliant. Sharon Rose, Margaret and Liz were of course their usual wonderful selves and I will always feel eternally grateful to blogging for introducing me to them all. Much better than going to London Zoo.

Sharon's bag was more popular than her initially!

Wine before food

At last the transatlantic drink of choice!
Mr B, Penny Dreadful Vintage, Wendy B, Miss Peelpants, My-Style Sharon Rose

Cheers again & again!

Lovely jubbley


  1. I have told Sharon, Wendy Margret and now you... I would love to join you if you didn't mind ... next time just give me a little notice ..Loads of love Ruth

    Ps Sharon's bag may have come home on the train with me.. being a scouser by birth xx

  2. Ha ha ... glad you got a pic of the stag!

  3. I WANT to go to London zoo next time! x

  4. Ok, I now have 'I want to go to the zoo' from Nuts in May in my head.

    Was lovely to see you and I'm still getting the giggles about Gillian Taylforth every so often ;) xx

  5. I saw a CHANEL bag again! very simple but classic!

  6. Hi my dear-lol, is London Zoo the next venue for us all?? xx

  7. That looks absolutely brilliant fun, you all look so glam and gorgeous. xxx
    PS Shall I get the next lady to send the travelling blouse your way after she's done her post?

  8. Vix that would be fab! Plus facebook me your address as I've some goodies I need to send & I failed to write it down!

  9. What a great day! So jealous...

  10. Love the pictures of you all and the stag! xx

  11. That Wendy B makes her rounds! She's met all of my favorite bloggers!


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