Thursday, 14 July 2011

Keeping nasties at bay

In an attempt to not be too preachy about why I use Arbonne products, I tend to refrain from scare tactics. Who really wants to be told on a daily basis about x or y causing cancer or other diseases. It does make us turn off to the message.

I'm no expert (other than on fashion & film!) but the combination of lifestyle, living longer and exposure to food, sun, cigarettes and chemicals all make for a game of chance. Truthfully most cancer specialists will say there is no rhyme or reason to most cancers in terms of why one person get it or not. However there are obvious culprits, genes, sun and smoking are known to trigger the likelihood. Drink is a potential trigger for throat or mouth cancer etc. There is also the view we are living longer in general but cancer at 84 is vastly different to any other age in respect of life cycle. I think I'd be really cross at getting anything under the age of 70 but pretty sanguine after that. Of course come 70 I might have different views

My interest in products has been lifelong, my first encounter with an off the shelf product resulted in a dreadful skin reaction. I was mortified and from that moment on I delved deep. I'm really fussy. My fussiness has increased with my earnings and knowledge. I've always been a 'natural' girl after that first incident but have in very hard times I have rolled with the products of cheapness.

There are always products that I really like whose contents read like an alchemists list for ...well whatever I would say would be in bad taste as someone has died a death from it. There is no getting away from the toxic nasties whether for cleaning the house or yourself. Yesterday my osteopath mentioned a direct correlation between the use of sun cream and the increase in skin cancer. It was a research scientist type person who mentioned it to him. I don't know the context of the research but I hasten to add there might also be a direct correlation with people increasing their exposure to the sun or sun beds.

What it all boils down to is choice. You choose what you ingest or put on you or use to clean your home. Information is key, understanding the information is beneficial and making informed choices is the result. When I read this article in the Daily Mail, my eyes rolled, mainly
because the Daily Mail is a harbinger of doom on any subject or area of life. The headline is sensational but then towards the end the article gets to the nub of the issue, chemicals do imbalance the body and they are absorbed which can effect you.

The only reason for my layer of fat is food & alcohol intake. I can have no concerns about all my hair, skin & beauty products as they are paraben, chemical free. Of course I'm going to mention some Arbonne products! After all it is my little bit of earnings as I tip tap away writing! Just remember if you ever buy anything online from Arbonne then enter my consultant id 441023472.

My everyday shampoo, conditioner and shower gel is this wonderful trio of no nasties. I love this FC5 shower set at £42 it is pricey; but thanks to Dr Peter Matravers the founder of Aveda and now Arbonne's main man I know everything I put on my hair and skin is safe and does not required me to mix avocado or cucumber plus oil in a mixer. Now all I have to do is fight the flab!


  1. What, you're not going to tell me that my lipstick is going to give me cancer? How disappointing! ;-)

  2. No Wendy your lipstick is going to make you look fab forever!

    I actually don't think anything gives you cancer! It doesn't quite work like that but there are some potential direct correlations to increases to people as trigger agents.


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