Monday, 12 December 2011


The Make Do Style giveaway is not of course the stuff of conspicuous consumption but rather the cobblering together of freebies saved from magazines and sent or given to me, or my no longer required 'stylist's own' items that I used in shoots. Sometimes I try to make myself miss photography or commercial shoots but I don't. I,d happily do one but I will never look to do them any more. Next year I will mainly be teaching styling but more of that another time.

Back to the booty - all this week I am looking for your top tips on saving money in these hard times. How do you motivate yourselves? What does it for you? At the end of the week I will draw a winner and get the box in the post pronto...


  1. My top tip is always know what you have! Before I go to buy a new top (for example) I rummage through my wardrobe- and ensure that I don't have a duplicate already in there!

    Gone are the days of having 15 almost identical black jersey tops! It saves money, space and is environmental. It also encourages me to only buy things I REALLY want.

  2. Tips for money saving around Christmas time!

    Reuse wrapping paper from the last year.

    Also keep your old Christmas cards then you can cut them up and use them as tags for the next year.

    Buy your presents, wrapping paper, decorations etc for the next year in the January sales.

    Karen S
    twannywun at hotmail dot com

  3. Swap clothes with a friend/family member who is the same size - double the wardrobe.
    If you aren't the same size - swap accessories.

  4. I already mentioned my idea, but I forgot to state that we are all ordering our gifts from Etsy—no big stores this year.

  5. always make a grocery shopping list...helps avoid impulse shopping! and always have a piggy bank, small coins make so much difference!

    katch05 at gmail dot com


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