Monday, 19 December 2011

Looking back

It is that time of year when people and media start the incessant look back at the year. I have no interest in looking back. I've never harboured any desire on that front. I'm a real going forward person and my moments in a year are the new seasons collections. I like the shows but it is when the drops of collections in the stores happen that gets me excited. Although these days with so many drops it is hard to get that start of a season fix as it used to be.

Never mind the changes and in some respects the lack of set times and drops has freed us all to indulge our dressing preferences and really set our own personal style. And thanks to the power of twitter I can favourite items to my hearts content. It really is a wonderful reference tool. My favourite items are an eclectic mix but if something takes my fancy I just 'favourite' it and can read in depth later. It is a great way to reference images for inspiration.

It was quite good whenThe Telegraph did a neat round up of best street style looks of 2011, although street style should be taken lightly as it was around the streets of the fashion week shows so not necessarily a high street look near you! I like these sort of looking back items.

My favourite 3 looks are below and my number one look has to be the pink suit one - love it. Do you have a favourite look?

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  1. The pink suit is fresh—it takes guts to do that much pink at one time. It looks casually thrown on somehow.

  2. The pink for me! Surprise surprise from the person who goes to Westfield in what was essentially a bright blue 50s cowgirl dress. ;)

  3. Ah yes cause we all swan around in huge sunnies and impractical heels during 2011 fashion week, non? I have a dress in hot pink just like that suit :-)

  4. I agree, what is the point in looking back. But these outfits are pretty timeless, I especially love the last one.

  5. That pink suit is the bomb. I do enjoy a recap myself though!

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