Sunday, 11 December 2011

Christmas presents repeat

It is no secret that every year I try very hard not to spend some money with Shot Dead in the Head but invariably fail. They are my go to place for the men in my life's Chrimbo presents. This year the respective brother-in-laws are the unwitting recipients of a t-shirt and a mug. The mug for brother-in-law 2 is very naughty but right up his street. Luckily he'll be able to keep it at his mates flat where he abodes a few nights a week due to work, I'm not sure it will be welcome at home! (this is the link but I have warned you!)

Brother-in-law one is the only person I have ever met who arrived at a cottage prior to a wedding wearing a laptop on either side. He has never lived this down despite it being many years ago so plenty of geek fodder to find. I was torn between two t-shirt this one and this one but felt the latter was a bit cruel but not as cruel/funny as this one - I was crying it is so wrong but ....

And this year I succumbed to a present to myself. I love The Killing and seeing as I can't afford a Gudrun & Gudrun sweater I have consoled myself with this t-shirt!

Don't forget my Christmas bumper Make Do Style box of goodies, posted on Friday just leave your top tips for saving money to be in with a chance to win!!


  1. I don't "get" that t-shirt because it's a Brit inside joke, but the typography is still cool. I like it!

  2. OMG I've just spent the last hour on Shot Dead in the Head website falling about with laughter thanks to your links. Several Christmas gifts now sorted, thank you and your sense of humour!


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