Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Off up North, cuffed and all

I'm very excited as today I board a train at Kings Cross and travel up north. I feel as if I've been stuck down south for an age and relish my small little excursion. I will get loads done on the train, train journeys are totally 'spiffing' for reading or writing. I get lost in the journey and feel free from the everyday.

And tonight I'll be supping mulled wine and maybe partaking of minced pies - but I have yet to develop a real liking for them, although I happily make them at Christmas and feel they are part of the festive season.One is always enough for me.

Travelling to North Yorkshire puts me in mind of Gothic tales and Wuthering Heights. I'm very much in love with this limited edition cuff from Stella and Dot and quickly snapped one up before they sold out as I had some points and discounts to use. I meant to get a replacement cover for my iPhone which they also have but seriously when I could have drama instead......

However there is a gold version of the Chantilly Lace cuff which is equally dramatic and will work for evening and in the summer months.


  1. Hope you wore your thermals.. Its fucking freezing xx

  2. Lovely Cuff, I like both, wouldn't be able to chose just one!

  3. The gold one is a winner..... well the black one too - I am terrible at making decisions. I take forever.


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