Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Starry Sparkly night

Well thanks to some eejit(s) who decided to cut through the BT wires in an attempt to get copper wires I was left without internet of phone access for 56 hours! This was not good. Therefore this post is later than intended. Plus I couldn't read any blogs, browse the internet, tweet - in fact all manner of everyday nonsense I engage in. It made me bereft. However I did realise I was so new school and reliant on all things geeky. Thank goodness for my iphone and 3G. It made me wish I'd got 3G on my ipad but I know where all this geekiery gets me now.

Post no internet trauma I made a trip to Staples and purchased some good old fashioned items that had I had during internet trauma I would have been able to do some other work. The said items are a stapler and a hole punch. Simple fare but now I realise they are exceedingly useful. My project is to complete my home office in the New Year, I'm getting organised and this is scaring me.

Back to Friday night which was the point of this post. I actually went to a corporate Christmas party. We didn't stay very long as I didn't know anyone but it was really nice and I had fun whilst I was there. I wore a gorgeous Isabella Oliver 365collection sequin dress from their S/S11 collection and sparkly gold shoes. Not Miu Miu but Zara.

 Not great photos taken by Mr MDS on the iphone but they'll do. My dress was party perfect as were the M&S Autograph 15 denier tights and my Zara shoes. The Zara shoes were such fun to look at. Mr MDS and I took a walk over the Hungerford footbridge and St Paul's and all the sights looked lovely. There was a Christmas market on the Southbank so we strolled around it to the sounds of Bing Crosby and Doris Day. It was actually really romantic and quite cinematic. Especially as we were dressed up to the nines. Isn't it funny how the simplest of evenings can be the best.

 Mulled wine and hot roasted chestnuts completed my outfit.


  1. Me too - loving the shoooooes!!!! Glad you had a lovely time!

    Ali x

  2. Hi my dear-yes, a lovely dress, a perfect style investment and gorgeous shoes! xx

  3. Ok I love the dress ans shoes and i want to go to a Christmas market in London all frocked up!

    I HATE it when the net goes down, it means my pay tv goes too and I lose about 50 channels.

    What happened to Christina from Fashion's Most Wanted???? xxx

  4. Those shoes! Perfect for this time of year.

  5. Sweet sparkle.

    I'm glad you got your internet back. Stealing copper wire is so . . . desperado.

  6. OH—I'm on another no-clothes buying moratorium for obvious reasons.

  7. we live with very patchy internets so I have 3G in the iPads and a hotspot dongle as back up.

    Yes, I have a problem I know! I love those shiny shoes but I fear someone might come after them for the copper.... xx


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