Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Endurance or durability

 On Saturday night I went to my sister's 40th birthday party. Having saved up my money to get her a lovely present from Tiffany I had no money to splash out on an outfit so raided my wardrobe for an outfit. I selected my sparkly Isabella Oliver 365 Collection S/S11 dress and wore it with Primark faux spanx leggings and my Zara gold sparkly shoes. Of course I accessorised with my favourite Belle Fleur Stella and Dot ring and the black limited edition Chantilly lace cuff. I love how my Isabella Oliver dress is such a durable number.

I had to wear leggings as it was too cold to go without and actually I would have needed a fake tan but I rarely bother. My sister loves a spray tan whilst I'm more a pink blusher type gal. I recently read somewhere that leggings were a fashion faux pas. Luckily I'm made of stern stuff and always ignore such ridiculous proclamations. Over the years many a fashion editorial has tried to kill off Ugg boots, pashminas and gilet's but it seems paying folks just won't be told what to do!

 I did do my hair, hence a closer shot to show tonged curls!  It was a good fun evening in the pub next door to her house, it was hired out for the evening and full of us dancing to old school rave tunes and Take That. Not long after midnight I was totally danced out and found my duracell batteries had run out. Sadly I had to give up the ghost which meant saying goodbye to my parents who seemed to have more endurance than me (mortified) however Mr MDS has already bowed out and I found him asleep watching Match of the Day in my sister's house. Equally my parents live next door to my sister so they didn't have far to trot either.

The next day en route home we spied a gorgeous old Merc on the M40. Again its design has endured and it looked so beautiful. I think my wardrobe needs to be more of the durable and elegant kind. I still need to mix fashion items in but in a less overt way.

And a couple of days later I found my old Anya Hindmarch bag. Remember the craze to get one of these. I thought how timely I found it when I could appreciate the fact that 7 or more years later it was still a functioning useful bag which looked good.

I'll never be a second hand junkie or total thrift queen but slowly but suddenly with thoughtfulness and pausing...all my purchases and choices have durability or can endure fashions fickle peaks and troughs.


  1. You look gorgeous and I love your hair.
    What do the experts know? I can read the Guardian sometimes and they'll contradict themselves with what's out of fashion in The Measure then feature it the following week as a fashionable item to have. Stick to what you really like and you won't go far wrong. x

  2. This is exactly what I am too striving for - to have the courage and foresight just to buy durable pieces and combine them with a few new high-street buys. You looked great in that outfit so the proof of the pudding is obviously in the wearing.

    Nice to be back on broadband & be able to do a bit of blogging...

    Helena xx

  3. I adore the old Merc - wish they were not so thirsty to run though. Its great you were able to shop from your wardrobe for the party and isn't it shocking to know your own parents have more energy levels than your own! I am exhausted and yet my mum can handle anything and never stops

  4. I really love that curly hair on you! The birthday party outfit was really cute.

  5. I loved your party outfit and you looked fab. Your sister's party sounded like my kind of party especially old school rave. When the clock struck 12 for my fortieth birthday in Liverpool, my sister got the DJ to play Dreamer in a 90's retro bar, I loved it. xx

  6. I could do with a night like that. I still have my BA First Class ltd edition Anya Hindmarsch Toiletries bag. That I got on eBay. Use it to carry iPhones around! Xx

  7. Love that you still have the I'm Not a Plastic Bag bag. And I think the whole world has not gotten the message about leggings -- everyone is happily wearing them!


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