Friday, 2 March 2012

Maxi Midi Mini

I know the magazines and high street are awash with print and more specifically Mary Katrantzou's prints but hey you know what we still love a bit of stripe action regardless. If there has been one season when stripes didn't really feature on the catwalk then this is it, right now. However there is nothing easier to wear, throw on and remains a timeless staple of your wardrobe than a stripy Breton top in its many manifestations. Who knew that Coco Chanel would still be one of the best fashion references nearly 100 years later. Just one simple moment of risk and creativity, continually loved by many...but not all. There are those who fail to embrace stripes for many reasons but lets not be doubters here.

The stripy top is perfect for the spring months layered or on its own. I'm not going to be a purist here and only count true Breton styles, lets embrace all stripy tops under the Breton category umbrella.


  1. The H&M one is a great shape, I should have bought it when I saw that jacket grrrr

  2. They're all cute. I love the time-honored Breton style best.

  3. I'm a sucker for striped t-shirts, so much better than a plain t for summer! I love mixing them with prints too x

  4. Re the prints, I want this dress soooo bad!

  5. love the zip in the back :)


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