Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Guilt and Glitz

Once upon a time my blog was a once a day even twice a day posting affair. Much like the heady days of a new romance I was all consumed. Now the relationship is in its 6th year oh boy have the bad habits set in. Wearing pjs or worse to write a new post. Unkempt hair, no make up, failing to shave my legs and chipped nails! Yes I have fallen victim to blogging sloth. I promise I will make it up to you. Why I feel so guilty I'm even going to the Louis Vuitton press day this week so I can bring you the goods and low down on the A/W12 collection. People I don't need to go! My fashion page writing for magazines is high street only, true I might reference designer collections but other than on my blog or when I enter the world of academic discourse I don't really have anything to do with designer collections.

Having said that I will enjoy myself, it will be wonderful to see the items up close and personal in a way I haven't for years so make the effort I will. It will seem absurd that I will be thinking about and planning tips on A/W wear in March whilst enjoying sunshine an heat in London town. But such is the nature of fashion. And of course I can do some fantasy shopping and be inspired.

Inspiration is key to ones personal style and since I've become petit garcon's personal assistant I have worked hard not to fall into a world of bland and banal day to day dressing. I avoid school run cliches in the most part and today was no exception. I wore a Marni for H&M top with a Topshop jumpsuit and my Prada shoes. I will tweet the look as I'm posting in a rush (again bad relationship habits syndrome). I also finished the look with my favourite Belle Fleur ring and a new item the Odette cuff.

I showcase my jewellery every day to inspire the other mums who are quite grateful for school playground style advice. Today's tip to one mum resulted in her spending 70p on squash and a cake for petit garcon as I didn't have my purse in the school playground due to a fund raising effort by the PTA thing (it isn't called the PTA at ours). I'm happy to dispense advice and wear looks that help them to make the effort too. It makes up for my changing role and my Stella and Dot work makes up an income I would have otherwise lost. There are always shifts and compromises to make as a woman especially when you have children. I don't have the life of a person who can give their all to their career and circumstance and choice are the reasons why.

But I do have my little bit of glitz in life to keep me contented. So I will make the most of the press day and I will continue to dress up and keep the style glitz alive on whatever level. Right off to brush my hair and add lippie xx


  1. Can't wait to see the pictures of the press day! Perhaps they didn't invite me because I have slated them previously over that broken bag they wouldn't repair, I will forgive them however if they let me fondle their A/W goods xx

  2. I know exactly how you feel. As a mum it can be difficult to do the style thing and you do end up compromising on so much. I try and keep on with my own style but sometimes I feel like the mums are looking at me and wondering why I have got so dressed up to pick up the children from school

  3. This is a great posting I have read. I like your article.

  4. Oh I do rather like the cuff.. we know I have a thing for arm candy xx


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