Thursday, 8 March 2012

Marni Time!

It was fab! Whilst you are hitting that try again button let me share some items and scenes from last night's preview evening held by Vogue and GQ. And yes I have long been a detractor of the designer collaboration malarkey but since my heart belongs to Marni (if I had a little girl her name sadly would be Marni with Miuccia as a close second!) I knew nothing would stop me.

It was an absolute scrum. Teawithonesugarplease was right about 'elbows at the ready'. Of course I found that most uncivilised so tip toed and said 'excuse me' a lot which meant I failed to get in there and grab. I loved the collection and had my eye on 3 pieces and maybe another 2 but I only got one of my 3 the blue circle spot skirt. The coat went in a jiffy and actually I wasn't sad as it didn't grab me in the end. I love the skirt and whilst I did fancy the matching jacket I hesitated - fatal mistake- and it was gone! I fell for the sleeveless coat thing which I now love as it will be a keeper and utterly useful. There were two tops I could have should have got but again missed them in a blink of an eye so when I found a lonely top randomly hung in the Regent's street store I grabbed it and am glad of the colour.

Here are the photos of the evening and of my buys including the gorgeous shopping bags and my lovely press gift from Vogue a scarf and a notebook which Claire at Waceystyle gave to me as my bag didn't have it. You must visit her blog to see her amazing accessories swag!

 Marni dust bag for clothes - v thoughtful

 Obligatory self portrait with booty bag

 I really like this dress but honestly the material was too thin for me to wear it with confidence

 My skirt - it is a bit snug but that was the weird thing the dress was too big in size 10 but the skirt is slightly too small.

 Gorgeous colour to this top

And my favourite which isn't what I intended at all but this will work and dress up so many things!!


  1. It sounds like you did well, despite the mania!

  2. Glad you managed to get some items from the new range, I absolutely love the advert for it.

  3. Great blog! Very inspirational! You have a new follower!

    XXX Lucia


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