Friday, 23 March 2012

High Street Pick of the Week

Having had the worst cold for an absolute age, years in fact, I was tempted to do a review of Kleenex tissues versus Cath Kidston pocket ones (left over Christmas stocking fillers for family and friends) and the joys of Benylin original. Instead I give you the joys of printed trousers.

I know it is all about floral pants/trousers but I am not a convert to this trend. I like to see it on others but not on me. I have nearly succumbed on many an occasion but always pull back. However this week in the name of style advice I tried on a pair of printed (note not floral) trousers in H&M. I felt okay in them and if I was going on a girls night out I think I would wear them as my statement piece and feel nicely fashion forward but I would not venture an outing in them with Mr MDS who would think I had given up making the effort and snuck out wearing my pyjamas. Of course they are not Pjs!! They are sartorial elegance de jour.

My preference is for a print other than floral and these are cheap and a lovely colour for the S/S12 season and will be exceedingly useful in a Mediterranean or hot holiday destination if you couldn't face an outing in them on these shores.

Wear with high heels and a metallic top for evening and a white t-shirt and flats for day.


  1. I love the patterned trousers for spring, not sure how flattering they are. These are lovely.

  2. Same as you, I like them but won't be wearing them. I do have a funny story about floral trousers, I must post about it one day x

  3. For me also trouser was all about beige, or black or brown. But after viewing some floral and geometrical prints i feel like trying out few. It would look nice with plain colored blouses. I am thinking of going through some discounted designer clothes online to see whether I can get hold of something interesting.

  4. I like Puffs brand of facial tissue :-D


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