Friday, 15 June 2012

Earth to Sun!

Dear Sun, please try harder. We need you. Our lives have been blighted not only by a lack of natural vitamin D but the hideous fact that one has actually gone out doors in June not sporting sunglasses. It is true and until this year had been unheard of.

In fact such is the scandal of not actually needing ones sunglasses because it truly is too dark has resulted in a few minor mishaps. Sunglasses have drowned in shopping bag due to torrential rain downpour, have fallen off head as forgotten they were perched a top and not seen light of day as consigned to bottom of handbag, forgotten and forlorn.

However the silver lining in the current cloud coverage is the face I got to try on some lovely this season numbers from Polaroid who are my go to peeps for sunnies. The beauty of Polaroids is the lenses. The clarity and vision puts designer sunglasses to shame and my guess is it won't be long before a designer wises up and collaborates with Polaroid.

Personal Stylist Isobel Kershaw and I posing in a couple of pairs of Polaroids - I'm actually goofing around which was absurd given it was a one click photo opportunity. Note to self learn the hand to mouth pose again.

And on the lack of vitamin D note, you can at least cheer yourself up by attending Isobel's NHJ Style evening summer wardrobe essentials at Champneys Spas over the next few weeks because ladies the sun is coming I tell you! Isobel kicks off her mini tour in Chichester on Tuesday. Tickets are £15 which is a fashionable bargain for a glass of wine and some tip top style advice.


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  2. YES.... we need Sun!!!
    Those sunnies are lovely.

    Have a nice weekend

  3. Too right, where are you Sun!? I'm a big fan of Polaroids, love their heritage range x

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

  4. That's what we call real sunnies! :) I really love it <3


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