Wednesday 6 June 2012

Jubilee Jubilations

It was amazing. I know I'm shocked, a die hard Republican entering into the spirit of a Royal love in. But I have to hand it to the Queen she is one hell of a gal. Not least because she melted my heart with her beaming smile and waved at the petit garcon, I officially jumped with excitement and amazement. It was a five day marathon starting with Ladies day at Epsom and ending with Pimms in Stratford by the Olympic Park with the annual transatlantic meet with Wendy Brandes

I give you in pictures a heck of a hard core celebration and include one picture from my friend Olivia who was amazed when the Queen went past her house but she got a great picture. Despite any reservations I have laughed, wept and enjoyed the company of wonderful friends - I think that is what a party is all about. When it comes to fashion this Diamond Jubilee will go down as a defining cultural moment. I look forward to the changes that result of community and the ordinary person dominating over a long weekend because it was the ordinary folks, the workers, the masses who made it and it was us whom the Queen thanked and recognised for making it such a wonderful occasion. There are a lot of photos so ...

 The day started with Chanel Blue Boy being applied
 I was sewing at the hairdressers to make my hairband in lieu of hat or fascinator
 The big hair prep underway
 The beehive completed with my home made hairband
My lovely dress from Penny Dreadful Vintage

 Attempting to pose in garden but Patches Valentino was after my bag

 Finally a proper outift shot - it was all Make Do with all item over 2 years old, 60s dress as above brought from Penny Dreadful Vintage in 2009, Prada bow kitten heels 2010, gloves John Lewis 2006, Accessorize bag 2008, hair band home made with ribbon and piece off an old dress.

Taxi from Epsom station with Prosecco in Wilko paper jubilee cups!

 At the races Ladies Day

 My friend Olivia and I
 My first winnings - I came home with more than half of what I took after betting, drinking and eating plus taxi fares - a result

 It was fabulous darlings!
 En route to Spanish Tapas bar at Tattenham - our feet had had enough of heels and I officially had Miss Piggy trotters
If only my shoes were as soft as the rose...

 We became fascinated by a woman who clearly had had too much to drink and slept through our meal, her friends meal and a whole heap of noise!!
 Day 2 - Derby day waiting for the Queen to go by after the races - her usual route home and this was before the crowds arrived. I didn't manage to take a photo as I had the petit garcon in one arm and his flag in the other. But we could have touched the Queens car as we were on the road by then and as I said she really smiled at the petit garcon - it was a beaming one and a decent wave. I was amazed, as was he.

Olivia's photo as the Queen passed her house en route to the Derby. You can see how engaged she was and we were closer than this photo. Her blue outfit was stunning as were all her choice such a great selection of colour in the outfits by her Majesty all weekend. Each one was fitting for the occasion.

Day 3 - En route to the River Pagent
 The hospitality bands - phew as it was freezing!
 The balcony area of the building we were at
 I made effort to wear red, white and blue but this is the one and only time you'll find me in white linen trousers, I found them in a pile of old clothes. Must have been from my surfing days in Cornwall around the campfire...

 How grey and cold!? No wonder Prince Phillip got taken ill, quite a few people suffered from hypothermia it was so cold and grey.
 Thank goodness for hospitality
We watched from the 7th floor in the comfort of the warmth.

 The 41 gun salute at the Tower of London - it was meant to be as she went past but they stuck to their 4pm schedule and her Majesty was no where to be seen!
 The Flotilla reaching us, just before Tower Bridge
 The Queen's boat going past and below

 Day 4 - the bank holiday Monday and we begin to prep for our little street party - please note the Welsh flag!

 Let the party begin
 We were lucky we had one shower and then sunshine and a dry day and night as predicted for London by Countryfile - I watched it to find out the weather. They were only 10 minutes out ref the timing of the last shower, 15:00hr predicted, actual 15:10hr...

 Mandatory Gazebo

 Our Jubilee cake as baked by my friend who caters for Princess Michael of Kent - we therefore had a right Royal treat - it was yummy

Um there was a lot of cake & I have spared you the barbecue shots..

 Petit garcon and his puppy, Patches was a willing participant

 Eek Charles made an appearance

 Patches couldn't get enough of the party he was out at every opportunity
At dusk we got all occupy London ish

 The flames of warmth
 Boy and pup still going strong at 10:30pm

At 12:30pm next door neighbours father all the way from bonny Scotland was our guitar playing hero as we sang Let it Be and Angels to name but two of the many...
 Day 5 - pass the Pimms
 Sharon of  My Style Fashion and Margaret of Penny Dreadful Vintage in deep discussion on vintage matters
The gang, old and new additions in The Cow at Stratford over looking the Olympic park as we discussed blogging, gossiped and mentioned the Queen as well. I was amazed I managed my five day eventing - it was truly memorable and I did/do feel privileged to have been so close to all the action.


  1. I love those blue nails! It was such a busy weekend I feel like I need a holiday now! Glad you had a great time in spite of the weather.

    My Sunday was spent shivering on a balcony by the Thames and Tuesday sitting outside Buckingham Palace. A weekend I will never forget, however!

    Lovely pictures xx

    PS. My Jubilee posts are here.

    1. You did Buck Palace - you trooper!! It did look amazing and despite the cold and rain I do feel a warm glow from it all but sleep is needed xx

  2. I don't know where to start -- I LOVE your beehive; the puppy getting into the purse is too funny; the petit garcon with pup in the police car; Olivia's awesome royal photo; the Union Jack cake and of course the best thing was seeing you for Pimm's!

    1. It was a fab end to a fab long weekend, feel as if I've been on a mini break. The Pimms encounter was the highlight I was only sorry I couldn't stay longer or get their earlier. The itinerary is underway for next year ....

  3. Hi my dear!! Glorious post, you were a very chic busy bee indeed, looking so lovely at Epsom and it was fabulous to catch up yesterday, we need to do a longer meet next time xxx

    1. Yes we must have a meet - I can come to the coffee shop I'm sure, always a pleasure xx

  4. Great post. Looks like a truly wonderful bank holiday xx

    1. It was brilliant - for once being a greater London resident was a plus!! x

  5. Looks like great fun! From what heights did you watch the river pageant, if I may ask . . . ?

    1. It was the top floor of a 7 floor building, not that high but a great vantage point & view and warm and dry on a miserable wet, cold day which only the British would turn out in their droves to attend xx

  6. Your hair and outfit is fantastic! It looks like you all had a lovely time catching up with Wendy. So wish I could have been there in the end. Hopefully next year for sure!

    1. You should have been there - it has been ages since our Carnaby St meet xx

  7. What a mission, just as well you weren't aprtaking in the Pimms or you would have fallen asleep at the table! Love the pics of Patches trying to get into the modelling action xx

  8. What a wonderful celebration!

    I didn't see the Queen this time, though in the 80s I snapped some fine photos of her on a school trip to Windsor!

  9. Looks like you had an amazing time! Great post x

  10. Feel like I was there now xx

  11. Wow, you had such a fab weekend and I loved your Ladies Day Outfit. xx

  12. You look amazing! Gorgeous dress and perfect hair - good work! x

  13. You look gorgeous and the petit garconne as well. God save the queen xoxoxoxo

  14. Those pictures are so adorable! <3


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