Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Mini Makeover

When the cat is away the mice can play or in my case I took the opportunity to decorate *coughs* she who must not be mentioned room, the older sister of petit garcon ('Mummy if you ever mention me on your blog I'll kill you' - were her exact words, note this information please if I don't post of a month). Petit garcon on the other hand is a self confirmed 'all about me' blog and twitter pest. And I bring you my interior design post in lieu of there is nothing to care about wearing in this current weather crisis.

At the weekend I did a dash to Homebase and sent Mr MDS list in hand to IKEA. First I prepped the walls on Saturday with Dulux sealer. This is a god send if you have badly plastered walls i.e. not properly done which is most new homes since 2002. Hence why sealer was properly invented. I found out the hard way when I painted the hall way and the paint sank into the wall. Sealer is my new underwear for walls tip. It takes 18 hours to dry but it is worth the wait.

The room was painted with Dulux Venetian Crystal 6 in a Matt Endurance finish. I like a matt finish but endurance or a diamond trade finish means you won't mark it so easily and cleaning is better. I was up at 6am, walked the dog and then tooled up and was finished by 11. First coat was done by 9 and I waited 2 hours for it to 'dry' and then Mr MDS and I did the second coat. After allowing 5 hours of drying I began to assemble the room as Mr MDS assembled the IKEA Pax wardrobe and the red high gloss Besta Burs desk.

I was channelling the Prada S/S12 catwalk colour combinations of blue and red but this has long been a favourite option of mine ever since I bought a Puma sports bag in these colours in Austria on a skiing holiday in 2004. I still have the sports bag and liked to think Miuccia might have one too!

The desk with some items.  I'm using it to house my stuff on the top and below (briefly!) whilst I reorganise my storage needs

The PAX wardrobe fits neatly in one corner and I hung some old Habitat Christmas tree decorations on the door frame

A closer view of the wall gallery I created

 My bargain wall decoration from a secret store in Aberystwyth which is personalised with pom pom made aged 7plus holiday snaps

Home for the Harrods bear (one of many bears, the rest are banished to the loft) and her bear cushion since 3 years old

The total cost for paint, furniture, rug, two picture frames and a couple of knick knacks was £443.56. The most expensive item was the desk at £205 but I wanted something sleek, glossy and narrow for the space and it was the perfect item in design and colour. The room now looks lovely. In future I will ensure the duvet cover is a pristine smooth before taking photos.


  1. The room looks gorgeous and they say you learn something every day............

  2. Love the blue walls - and that sweet bed. Thanks for the tip about a paint sealer, will investigate that. Agree that we all need a distraction from the awful, dreary wet weather.

  3. I love the colours and love the glossy desk idea, quite a nice modern, chic yet cosy room for 'she who must not be named'xx

  4. Nice room makeover. We have to make over our whole house (!!) and Ikea is very useful.


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