Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Lifestyle buying (Part 1)

Given the fact summer has been a non starter and most items are sale bound due to unseasonal weather impacting our buying habits - although the anxiety of austerity may also be a factor - it seems sensible to stop buying clothes in respect of 'seasons' and more in the context of 'lifestyle'.

We know we need winter clothes to keep warm and summer clothes for when it is actually hot. But as we approach the longest day of the year and as it doesn't feel like midsummer bliss I am more drawn to sturdy clothing than floaty frocks. This inclement weather has really highlighted the need to build a wardrobe on items for your lifestyle and the necessary seasonal items as the icing on the cake. Building a wardrobe of basics is often talked about but mainly as seasonal items not according to what you do. So I intend to go back to basics regarding what to have in your wardrobe and then you can build  a lifestyle selection based on your needs.

Today I am being entirely selfish and pondering the rise of purposeful casual wear that is based around walking your dog or attending an outdoors type activity. My love of twitter means I follow an eclectic mix of accounts. My low brow bag is the @TheDuchessStyle in case you were thinking it was The Kardashians. It is simply a feast and fanfare to Kate Middleton who should be referred to as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge which the twitter account and its accompanying facebook page does in a proper fashion.  I dip in to this occasionally based on the images and whilst I confess to mainly snorting, not at Kate's outfits but the worship, I do sometimes find myself raising a sartorial fashion eyebrow. It seems there is a tale of two Kates. One Kate (Moss) gave us how to dress for a pub lunch in a rock chic stylie and the other one is giving us a how to dress to walk your dog en route to the pub lunch look. 

 Images: Duchess of Cambridge Style facebook page

Since I am all about puppy love these days the dog walking attire is giving me food for thought on the styling stakes. The boots Kate, sorry her Duchessness, is wearing are perfect and I'm loving the waistcoat thing. 

If dog walking is a lifestyle option for you then I've compiled a list of four outerwear must have items to achieve a sturdy but stylish look.

The boots are the basis and it seems investing in these Le Chameau boots seems just the ticket. After all the French love their chiens. These neoprene sports boots are perfect for keeping your feet dry and more suited to longer walkers than a pair of Hunters.

Although these Aigle Chantebelle Suede Leather boot at £129 from Uttings offer a good townie alternative

Next on the list is a jacket but of course you could start with the handy waistcoat which at £415 might put your puppy back in a few treats but you will look the business. Although you may look back fondly at that high st black waistcoat you had once a la Ms Moss given the price difference!
Fitted Nubuck Waistcoat

You'll want to keep dry with a proper jacket and where better to look than Barbour. There is a huge selection of items and my personal favourite is the Barbour National Trials black waxed jacket at £299.

National Trials Jacket

The wax helps to keep the rain out and all those pockets are handy for doggy poo bags etc. By now you really have blown the budget so I suggest you find a cheap pair of skinny jeans and a few jumpers from M&S or Zara to layer to keep warm. You might also think the dog has to go but you know you need your pooch to complete your stylish look.


  1. I think with the amount of rain we've had, wellington boots are a great idea! The Duchess of Cambridge is certainly someone to look up to. I need some clothes suitable for gardening, any ideas?

    1. I think the boots translate to gardening and garden centre ambling too. Get the boots and then you just need jeans or cords with layers for gardening. T-shirt, long sleeve tee and jumper for the cold. You can get super hot even in the winter especially as you'll be digging. I will do a gardening section xx

  2. Replies
    1. They are the business and actually price wise not bad compared to most xx

  3. You put the doggy poo bag in your POCKET?!?? Please tell me this is before use....

    1. Haha!! I do put it in a bag and I carry it outside tied in a bag - but I carry the doggy poo bags in my pocket so no the poo does not go in my pocket!! x

  4. I can't believe how bad your weather has been. We were freeeeeezing the last day we were there!

  5. I don't have a puppy/dog but do having 3 small children count? Wet weather never holds them back. I am never without my Barbour jacket or Barbour coat this wet summer but it's Hunter wellies for me as aI am a true Townie!

  6. OMG! :) I'm so crazy about that kind of boots! I wanna try that one! XD


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