Monday, 27 February 2012

Style Steal

Everyone likes to get a bargain and I'm no exception. Earlier today I was on a secret mission to buy some almost spanx like leggings from Primark. After a hot tip off on their amazing ability to flatten the tummy and create a clean shape I was happy to part with £4 to test them. These leggings are in the lingerie section and there is an array of tummy and thigh type underwear at bargain prices. I have to confess I'm impressed. After all control underwear is just underwear one can't be too sniffy about where it is from and in these hard times it is money well saved.

Equally I checked out the M&S shoe range and found some great little heels in the Autograph section which are very Park Lane Princess or Sloaney depending on which side of the Atlantic you prefer. I like them because there is a little bit of height and enough detail to make them look slightly more expensive than they really are. I always love a shoe that puts me in mind of Monica Vitti as Vittoria in Antonioni's L'Eclisse (1962)

There is a wide selection to choose from depending on your taste and lots of steals when it comes to style.

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