Monday, 24 October 2011

Fabulous! Trousergate

When fashion has fights they really are the best. Of course no blows are thrown but a fashion face off is always a public affair. The latest public spat is between fashion journalist Liz Jones and the fashion fabulous Mary Portas.

If you haven't read this article by Liz Jones, then do it essentially boils down to a spat about trousers, fabulouos fashion trousers at that!

 Liz & Mary prior to trousergate, image from Daily Mail article and the launch of Mary at HoF

As Mary Portas would say, 'you've got to love her.' I love them both (well actually that's not entirely true, love Mary, but think bonkers Liz needs love) and hope they can both reconcile over a mutual despair of Marks & Spencer, whose shapeless trousers grace far too many bottoms.


  1. Didn't Liz look scary when she was on the show?

  2. Liz Jones is bonkers isn't she. Mary is so funny and no need to take offense Liz!

  3. OMG, I can't take Liz. She has issues!


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