Thursday, 13 October 2011

Fancy Footwear on radar

What I love about fashion is the ability to tweak something ever so slightly and make you out of fashion instantly or on trend in a flash.

This season leopard print is still relevant but mainly on your feet! Drop it everywhere else and put it firmly down below. The great thing is you'll get a flash of fancy fun one step at a time. The other great factor is the fact we are talking low heel not hooker high heel this season.


  1. Hi my dear-adore those slippers, fab picks! x

  2. You don't have to convince me! Claudia wants the first ones, I want the second!

  3. I really like the first pair. xxPS I'm doing a post on wedding shoes, can I put a link to your post about your wedding shoes?xx

  4. I love those slipper shoes. So atylish but also practical.


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