Friday, 7 October 2011

High St Pick of the Week

In my endeavours to always find the right item to put into your wardrobe, I'm afraid I've gone a little on the 'spensive side this week. But I've made a small discovery of new options to buy from. Tegan is a new brand but it has rather old credentials. Firstly it is a new brand owned by French Connection who also own Great Plains, Toast and now Tegan. The original owners of Toast are still involved with the company and therefore I deduce they might have some involvement with the new brand given Toast was conceived in Wales and Tegan is a Welsh name.

Tegan as a name actually means blessed, beautiful and fair. And this new fashion venture certainly falls into the beautiful. I think this brand blends the grown up aspect of Toast with the youthful flair of French Connection. This new venture could be truly blessed if the elegant approach to understated fashion delivers!


  1. That's a great dress with timeless style...and what I like best, perfect for accessories!
    I would add a big brooch and group of bangles.

  2. Like Belle said, that looks like a beautiful and well-made dress. It's the right thing to spend a bit of excess on.

  3. That dress is timeless!

  4. Its a pretty, classic dress and the price is too bad either.xx


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