Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Grown up & gorgeous

One moment it is all fashion flash buys with me then the next I'm on my make sure you buy beautiful items to add luxe to your wardrobe. The fact is the key to a versatile and fabulous wardrobe is this mix of quality with random injections.

When I open my wardrobe I am greeted by a seeming madness that defies belief. Colour, texture, print, patterns, sequins and a few too many white shirts for starters.

In the mix I have a few vintage 70s frocks from my mother, a bit of a DVF dress collection and my favourite little black dress a sequin number from the Isabella Oliver 365 Collection

And it is the 365 Collection that I turn to again and again in a personal and professional capacity. The quality is wonderful. My first introduction to Isabella Oliver was via the maternity wear and I admit I was slow to pick up on the 365 Collection because of this association.

When I got this season's lookbook I thought...I'll have the lot! Perfect, no effort required and I'd be all grown up and put together perfectly.

Such is the simplicity of the IO 365 Collection any item you pick will effortlessly blend in to your wardrobe without a care. If I had to pick my top five pieces then today it would be these (but tomorrow is another day...)


  1. I also find I tend to mix classics with more outrageous items. A LBD is always a must!

  2. Your wardrobe looks really exciting, I'd love to dive in.
    I don't own very much in the way of practical or classic stuff, just a black vest and a pair of wellies. x

  3. i must have that green zip jersey dress. LOVE IT!

  4. Hi my dear-your sequin dress was a fabulous buy, will love to see you in it xx

  5. Your wardrobe looks very like mine, although I have animal print bits every third garment - ha ha! If I ever find the perfect capsule collection what will I do with all the stuff I already have? x

  6. Love that raspberry colour of the last dress x

  7. I'd rather see a sea of sequins in a closet than a sea of boring!


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