Thursday, 27 October 2011

The story of the wedding dress

Prompted by our recent wedding anniversary I thought I ought to go and get my wedding dress! It was our fifth wedding anniversary so picking it up was long overdue!

Luckily for me Karen Reilly designer and dressmaker knew about my mad dash move from Bristol to London four years ago. My dress was with Karen as it had been in her window display and then went to the dry cleaners and I was going to pop in to have it shortened. Well 6 months after our wedding Mr MDS came home and told me his Bristol office was going to 2 weeks! And 14 weeks later we had managed to sell and buy a house and move to the South East and the Big Smoke. Neither of us were bothered by the move as we'd both lived in London before. But my poor wedding dress and velvet cape got left behind in the rush.

Of course I'd spoken to Karen but we both burst out laughing when we met again as it had been 5 years! It was so lovely to try my dress on again, although ahem I've got a few pounds to lose. I could get it on with ease but it was a big snug in places shall we say.

 I was cooing over Karen's all singing & dancing new beast of a sewing machine

Current dress on display designed last year for a wedding back in July

One of my wedding photos in Karen's shop

The petit garcon outside the shop he last entered as a baby!

More posing on the gorgeous 16th century Christmas Steps the fabulous location of Karen's shop

Of course we finally pinned the dress up for it to be shortened so I will be pounding the tread mill to lose the extra pounds so I can wear it when my sister in law picks it up when it is altered. I did feel relieved that Karen is an amazing dressmaker and so respectful of the dresses. I did have a fantastic excuse for my abandoning of my dress but she actually has over 10 dresses that people have never picked up again after they'd been dry cleaned after their wedding! Karen has kept them and as she pointed out her location and telephone number has never changed. 

Who has abandoned their wedding dress after the big day? Have you liked me had your wedding dress altered so you can wear again? I did design my own dress and made Karen do a bias cut which she loathed at the time but has done quite a few since and is a convert to the bias cut!

Karen Reilly, Christmas Steps, Bristol 0117 929 2614.


  1. Wow you are so lucky it was still there I was at my tailors yesterday and they had a huge rack of clothes for sale, if it isnt picked up in 3 months it gets sold or donated to charity!

  2. My dress is hanging in the plastic carrier bag it came home in, so bad for a Pronovia's dress that cost over £700 11 1/2 years ago!
    p.s. I wouldn't have a hope in hell of fitting into it!

  3. I got married on September 07 and my dress remained in a suitcase until recently when I had it cleaned and boxed. I have lost weight since I got married!

  4. That's a looooong time not collecting your dress! Mines stored in a box and gets worn every year, it's By Ghost So it's cut on the bias and still fits even after 3 kids *showing off*

  5. Hi my dear-excellent idea to have it shortened and to rewear it again, well done to Karen for caring for it!! xx

  6. I got married in San Fransisco City Hall (same place Marilyn Monroe married Joe diMaggio). Previously, I had looked all over NYC (where I was living) for a suitable outfit. I wanted a suit, preferably light colored, and hopefully reminiscent of vintage Cristobal Balenciaga. Of course, I couldn't find anything I could afford, so I bought a purple dress (the only purple item I own-- I actually don't really like purple. I associate it with mentally unhinged women), which was just fine. I've worn it so much that the lining is no ripped (five years later).
    If I had things over, I would probably have made a greater effort to either find a perfect vintage suit or a white Victorian tea dress-- sadly, my ebay skills were not as honed back then as they are now.

  7. What a lovely story, I'm so glad she took care of your dress.

    Your son is totally adorable.


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