Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Last dress a day under £100

Did anyone see Sir Phillip Green on the news talking about closing 250 stores? As owner of the Arcadia group it is hardly surprising that BHS, Dorothy Perkins, Topshop and Wallis on the women's side won't be affected by the current economic downturn. Topshop is probably the strongest performer followed by Dorothy Perkins with BHS and Wallis undoubately languishing.

There is no doubt that retailers will look to cut costs with stores shutting, product line shrinking and staff being made redundant. Those stores with a global presence like Zara and H&M will ride it out better than most with their strong performances in emerging markets. Also Zara and H&M are in the right price bracket to weather the storm.

The fashion pack favourite Topshop is surprisingly only a small player whose has only made a small dent into other markets. It can survive off its Oxford Circus store alone I suspect but it will be interesting to see how the store fairs.

But these are future considerations so lets make the most of its current offerings to select a great party dress. I have to admit I struggled as a lot of the items were poor quality, too short and often garish. I went for a black dress. I know, cop out but really the best I could find on the basis all of the selections have been on piece and an attempt at reusing after the parties have long gone.

This Boutique dress should tick the boxes of elegant, the right length and easily work in the future on many an occasion. Why methinks it will last well into your advanced style twilight!

Oh go on if it is party party garish you want I will make one other suggestion! If you are of a weak disposition when it comes to screaming fashion then look away. Just think of it as doing my bit for saving a nation's retailer.


  1. I won't ever be showing off my love handles but I am always impressed by people who can expose that part!

  2. I really love the second one but would definitely need a lot of work in the gym before wearing it. Great prices too.

  3. Oh that first wrap dress is just fabulous - who could say no to black+wrap and silk in the same sentence ?

  4. I like the shape of the first one. Bulbous!

    The second one is a nice nod to Stella's recent work, but I wouldn't be caught dead at 45 in anything with sheer panels unless they are strictly above the braline!


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