Monday, 17 March 2008

Free Spirit

There is nothing quite like running to burn off calories, keep you fit and apart from a decent pair of trainers, it costs nowt. Well, ok maybe a few bandages at times and some painkillers.

Most of all it gives you a killer pair of pins to put into some Manolo Blahniks'. And it was in Bath yesterday that I ran the Bath Half Marathon - the now home of Mr Blahnik and much like his shoes it is a fine city to run around if you could block out the cold, wind and rain that was the weather we were treated to.

Bath's Georgian splendour is well preserved and the city retains its tourist crown due to the architecture and setting. My trusty trainers did their job, no blisters or pain to my feet and that is what a good pair of shoes does too. I'm happy to save on all manner of things but shoes - no shoes have to be well crafted and my silver Manolo's are just perfect. I know I could have slipped them on my feet after my run and not suffered a bit.

And believe me after a hearty steak frite and glass of champagne in Cafe Rouge, Bath I wish I had been wearing them. As we were leaving a very handsome and tall David James (Portsmouth & England goalkeeper) was walking in. Instead of being greeted at chest level (by a gawping open mouthed person -that was just my husband) a pair of high heels would have given stature. Oh well, I hobbled out draggin' hubbie and thought Cheryl Cole was definitely fighting for the wrong bloke!


  1. Well made shoes are great but aren't Manolos a bit pricey even thought they are very stylish.

  2. Congratulations on finishing your half marathon. I love Bath. I was really transfixed by it when I was there. This was a really nice post.

  3. Dear Anon, I know what you mean. But I bought my one and only pair of Manolo's in NY so compared to UK they were half price due to exchange rate. I wear them 3 to 4 times a year and will have them for ever. I don't buy lots of shoes - and only bought a a pair of Pierre Hardy's black platforms he designed for Gap - which you can run fro a bus in - again a man who knows comfort and style. I've yet to be a proud owner of a pair of Louboutin but I'm saving hard! Rather than buy lots of shoes at £50+ you can settle for one special pair for glam moments.


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