Friday, 28 March 2008

Little tonics of the alcohol free variety

Busy, busy week and much fretting about book sales makes me retreat into tracksuits and driving round in my car - ah no that's just Britney. I start cleaning and obsessing about future career direction, that's being a nobody for you!

But then a email arrives and I actually look at it for a change and a new The Intersection video (LA) is posted to take my mind of all mundane issues and back firmly in the land of indulgence - the Paris ones are a dream check out glamorous professor on le velo and her line about porte le sac!


  1. Wait a minute, I'm too distracted by the great new look to check this out!

    Nice one!

  2. thank you I needed to update the site. Still more improvements to make re lists etc! Do take a peek at the little videos - I want to be French!!

  3. Parisian videos are really good. I love the differences in each person but all so stylish - shucks.

  4. Please give me one ounce of the glamour the french prof had!


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