Wednesday, 12 March 2008

How to make a style shift – part 2

The final entry in the trilogy that runs part 1, pre part 1 and now part 2 – yep no logic here. Had I anticipated the comments I got I would have done un, deux, trios!

This is all about shopping and how to make it successful for you. Once you've cleared out your wardrobe make a list of all your clothing and break them down into their uses – they should be hung and folded in their relevant categories i.e. work, going out casual, going out clubbing, going out formal/v dressy.

Check what you've got against your basic list i.e. white shirt etc.

Then pull together your wish list based on your lookbook/ideas in your head/cut outs from magazines. From your wish list write down shopping lists which means you can spread your shopping over a few weeks – don't go out to get everything in one go. One trip might be basics, one for shoes and accessories and another form jeans and tops.

When you go shopping, take your list, any magazine pics, product details – sales assistants are variable when it comes to stock knowledge. Some shops have information points most don't. Have a bag that's easy to wear and messenger style is easiest for keeping both hands free. Take a bottle of water and if you really want to, then plan your route.

Try everything on and really appraise how the item looks. Think cut, colour and fabric. Always try the size of garment you normally get and one either side. You are looking to get the fit right not worry about what the label says. When it comes to labels do check the washing instructions. It's no good getting home and finding everything you've got is hand wash only!

Also take a few risks – try some items you wouldn't pick out – one person I know does random grabbing when she feels she needs a shake up.

After you've re-stocked your wardrobe and it might only take a few new key items to make it look and feel different then keep to your good habits. Always check what you need and don't leave home without a list.

Being organised saves you money and from always taking things back. You can then have random, indulgent shops when you're flush or just want to indulge.


  1. Useful information. Need to be more organized!

  2. You are really helpful! I love the idea of random twirling and grabbing in a store - I might, only might give it ago.

  3. There is a lot of good info here. I'm starting with these guidelines when it's time for my wardrobe overhaul.


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