Tuesday, 4 March 2008

How to make a style shift – pre part 1!

Lanvin A/W 08

The hardest thing for anyone to do is evaluating their own look and the clothes they currently have. The barriers to making a change are pretty common,

  • Haven't got any money
  • Will people notice and think I look stupid
  • How can I justify changing my wardrobe when I've got all these clothes

The trouble is we've all got more clothes than ever before and because of this we don't wear them out. In the past people had fewer items and wore what they had until (after a few darns & repairs) they were worn out. If you were wealthy you had them stored but you still had a few basics with seasonal extras. Now, with collections, cruise, pre cruise and items for Red/Breast Cancer, looks last for a nano second.

It is a bold decision not to be constantly seduced by the latest look and take an overall style view. Sometimes inspiration strikes and sometimes you have to take a long hard look in the mirror and ask is it working? Do I want to project this image? What would I like to see in my wardrobe of a morning?

I've been very 1930's/1940's for an absolute age, all modern takes not a recreation exactly on a daily basis. The 1970s look is an extension of this time in both cut and layering. But, suddenly I knew I had to make a leap of faith and cut a new direction. I don't know exactly how to define my new look is it left bank/artisan intellectual/Marni – who knows. It is pared down and more utilitarian – out with colour and in with more muted tones – a base of grey, black, white and navy with injections of colour by lipstick, costume jewellery, the odd item of clothing and perhaps shoes.

It is all in its infancy so it will be interesting to develop. All I've done is take out the frills and girlie stuff leaving me with a framework to add to. I'm not going out tomorrow and spending a fortune – I can't. But bit by bit I'll add an item and make all my future purchase decisions on my new style direction. I've already got my wide leg jeans from Uniqlo and although they only cost £24.99, I'll wear them this summer and get some new trousers in the autumn when some kind retailer will pay homage to both Balenciaga and Lanvin.

Be creative – compile a lookbook in style.com, I've just added a new one entitled Style Epiphany.

If I lost all my clothes tomorrow I know what my basic requirements are:- White shirt, White t-shirt, Black Dress, Skirt, Pair of jeans, Black trousers, Good leather belt, Pair of high heels, Knee high leather boots, Plimsolls – think white lace ups or converse, Cashmere round neck jumper, Necklace, Black Dinner Jacket.

You can decide your own basics list and base your wardrobe clearout on it and then add bit by bit your new look items. Don't forget any old things can be useful for gym, holiday/vacation clothes, walking, cleaning in the house.

Be brave.


  1. Basics are THE most important thing in life I think
    a white shirt is the key

  2. I really need to do this; my wardrobe is ho-hum. I'm formulating ideas now.

  3. I hate when i re-evaluate my clothes cause I know it's going to cost me a fortune!

  4. What a useful piece, I'm going to give it a go.


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