Thursday, 13 March 2008

Purse wisdom for skin

To look good within budget, or to pay off credit card debts, one has to be clever when it comes to all manner of things. This year my bread making and preparing of allotment for future produce has netted me some lovely savings. Of which I splurged on a pair of sunnies as detailed in he who dares wins.

Now I may have saved myself £59 on that purchase but my savings aren't great and my credit card debt is still too high. Once my S/S 08 wardobe is sorted for work and self satisfaction I will be attempting to clear it all by the end of the summer.

Always on the look out to keep the household budget on track, plus incorporate my beauty needs into it, I've made a lot of compromises along the way. My birthday and Christmas list is with out fail Laura Mercier's almond coconut body range and Chanel (no need to narrow the potential). When it comes to products I love Environ, I save dollars and always make someone on a US tripmget me Kiehl's Creme de Corps. When I go to France, it's straight to the pharmacy for Embryolisse and Bioderma Crealine H2O.

So when Emma Cook reviewed SPF moisturisers in the Guardian Weekend, I was captivated by the review for Skin Wisdom's Reverse ultimate lift day cream SPF 15, £8.47, by Bharti Vyas for Tesco, 0800 505555.

Price aside, Bharti Vyas is an amazing facialist. Her recipe for acne which off the top of my head incorporates tumeric, honey and salt - don't rely on me for this one - all combined has saved many a young person from the torment of acne within a month!

Monday morning I hot footed it to Tesco - only to have been beaten either by Janet Street Porter or the Guardian reading population of South London/Surrey. Instead I purchased a detox facial mask for 69p, the energising facial scrub and the creamy facial wash. I'd just run out face cleansers. Across the aisle I was tempted by the bnatural body products, so opted for the conditioning salt scrub and intensive body cream. Having lost the receipt I'm guessing I spent at max £12 for all 5 items.

What do I think? The energising facial scrub is delightful - this is from the person who adores Chanel's Gommage microperle eclat. It delivers the same gentle feel and gives your skin radience. It is March and I've been looking like someone in need of the sun for the last 12 weeks. Perfect start to the day, the lemongrass does the trick. The creamy facial wash is nice and I like the ease of use. But bear in mind, I struggle to find the perfect end of day wash - I've done it all from Eve Lom to Liz Earle. Anything that scrubs me up at the end of the day without a muslin cloth and isn't a wipe, suits me. It doesn't seem to strip the skin and so far so good. I'm saving the mask until the weekend!

As for the body stuff, well the scrub is nearly on a par with Elemis! It is really good! The intensive cream is very thick and is good for knees and elbows but probably not absorbant or nice enough for rest of body - a good staple alongside Vaseline intensive when money is tight.

I'll be fighting you for the day cream....

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  1. Good to know you can buy items at low prices and they work. I'll be making a detour to Tesco for skin wisdom!

  2. You find really great things for low prices. This is a great post.

  3. that's so good
    my mom is just like that she can always find stuff at low prices as for me I just spend when I see something I need...not good!

  4. I already got almost all the Bnatural skin product & I am really happy with it ,except i was really fed up with spending so much money for those high... brand .recentely I was so disappointed with self tan cream from Clarins:(
    so highly recomond to buy it and use and enjoy:)
    I even tried Tesco vitamin E day/night cream,hand cream,... they are me.

  5. omg im so glad im not the only one..I spend a fortune on skin care chanel being one of my favourites as well as shu uemura - whose cleansing oils are brilliant for end of day make up removal and one step cleansing! then when i left my chanel hydramax at home.. i bought a tub of skin wisdom moisturiser from tesco to see me through the two weeks b4 i went back home and to be honest my skin never felt better. from now on i
    will always buy this product.. its soo much more important to find products tht work instead of paying a premium for packaging and brand factor! im a skin wisdom convert...with the exception of my shu uemura cleansing oil x


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