Thursday, 20 March 2008

Style Makeover Competition

The Prize:
A style advice and shopping session at the location of your choice. The prize is worth in excess of £500 (this factors in the cost of shopping session, style advice and travel expenses)
To Enter:
Click here Competition Link to purchase one copy of Make Do & Mend. Send copy of Amazon receipt to and you'll be enterted into the Style Makeover Comp.
Please add contact details and anything about yourself on why you'd love a style makeover. The winner will be selected by a third party.
Closing date for competition is March 31st 2008.

What's in it for you/me!?
You get great style advice from an extremely experienced personal stylist. I'd love to direct you to my website but it is undergoing a change and I've only got this dear old blog at the moment.
You set your budget and it can be as little as £150 to whatever!

I need to push my book sales and I'm not supported by a big publishing team so I have to undertake all my own marketing. Sales on Amazon help keep my profile up and gives me an opportunity to make it on best sellers list - the book has appeared twice on such a list at number 50 and 99! You can see the customer reviews and I hope you will invest in my book and be a competition winner!
Good luck


  1. Would you describe what the day entails a bit and would you travel to Manchester?

  2. Hi, thanks for your q's. Generally a styling and shopping session involves assestment of shape and which colours will suit. Colours are for guidence, not strict application! We'll discuss lifesytle e.g what you need items for, work, casual or going out. Any special events coming up etc. I fundamentally shop to give you styled oufits from head to toe and teach you how to do it along the way. It involves lots of trying on and sometimes stepping outside of your comfort zone. It is fun and it does make a difference. I do check bra size but don't grab a la Trinny & Susannah!
    I will travel to Manchester - the comp prize includes coming to you. I'm used to shoping in different locations and a competant traveller. Good luck.

  3. I think I need to get with it and buy this book!


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