Monday, 1 June 2009

Short shrift

Imagine my joy when Shane Watson gave her full backing to the wearing of shorts! It is a fact I always have a favourite journalist. For years every Saturday I would eagerly await the Weekend Guardian magazine for Julie Burchill's column. When she decamped to The Times magazine on a Saturday I didn't follow. By then I was fixed with my Saturday Guardian purchase. Luckily Shane Watson eventually filled the gap with her column in Style Magazine in The Sunday Times.
I still remain loyal to Lisa Armstrong on a Wednesday in The Times and defer to her on all manner of things fashion and I must confess to Jess Morley-Carter growing on me over the years but it is Shane that amuses me with her pronouncements on life.
Her do's and dont's are amusing particularly as I'm guilty of the khaki shorts with pockets aka geography field trip numbers. I'll ignore this given they look good and are jolly useful for accompanying the petit garcon out and about. The trick is to wear them with a white shirt in the style of style icon on a mission - think Audrey Hepburn, plus add ornate flats or espadrilles. To counter the pedestrian khaki shorts I have a fab short trusty white pair from Oasis many years ago, that work equally well with flats or heels. I must admit to being tempted by these flirty floral ones from Topshop.

Floral Shorts £32 Topshop

What is a concern is the legs. This is true for lots of women when veins rise to the surface and bruises seem to languish for eons. The answer is MAC face and body foundation mixed with strobe cream to give legs a more youthful sheen.

Anyway I'm off to take petit garcon to his swimming lessons in my geography field trip shorts but they are not a patch on his Ben 10 t-shirt!


  1. Hi there-LOL, great minds certainly think alike!! I too, love all these columnists, and its great to see shorts given a good thumbs up! Those floral ones are gorgeous, especially with a plain vest or tee!

  2. I love love those shorts, just wish I had the legs for them! They remind me of my childhood.

  3. Those floral shorts are enough to distract any eye from any flaw: perceived or real.

    K, I thought this blog was "on a break," so I stopped checking it. I'm so glad it isn't.

  4. Her tip about going up a size hits home for me - my shorts are often TWO sizes larger than my skirts and pants!

  5. The one pair of shorts I ever liked on me was a pair of vintage, high-waisted leopard print ones and I regret not getting them!

  6. I have a no-shorts rule for myself. No way. There isn't enough MAC foundation and strobe cream in the world to make me dare to wear them ever again.

  7. Yeah, I was quite interested to read Shane's column, and quite liked the picks they chose to illustrate. I'm with you on the MAC face and body foundation. No fake tan, though! xx

  8. I want model legs to wear shorts!!!!hehehe, well if nobody can make this wish come true at least i want to live in a city where I can wear them! I´m from Mexico city and it is not very common to use shorts :( buuuu

    anyway i love to look at them :)

  9. Great shorts, love the prints.
    Pity that I can't wear shorts, I have no legs for that, and no knees :(


  10. Nice shorts,i also like the print on it.=) Thanks for sharing,have a great day.=)

    A Writers Den

    The Brown Mestizo

  11. Amazing prints on shorts I'd prefer it on a dress -I think your blog is really quirky and cool and I'd really appreciate if you would become a follower on mine - - and comment on my posts


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