Friday, 14 August 2009


When it comes to all things style I seem to have a competitor too close to home, in fact at home. Last week Mr MDS snuck back home with a beautiful new suit from Aquascutum. Then on Wednesday a parcel arrived for him. I had to wait until we got home from a sojourn in central London to find out he'd had a shoe flutter.

The packet revealed

The brand revealed
The Paul Smith brogue on display
A free gift of Clarins men's face product!
Forced to put them on with socks and pose!

Mmmm I'm not used to being the empty handed one!


  1. Thats fab he's getting all these gorgeous pieces, those shoes are great!!

  2. Look at those proper grown up shoes! Lovely!

    My husband is strictly chucks, sandshoes and thongs, and has a ridiculous pair of pointy handmade italian shoes he breaks out for special occasions. Suits and brogues belong to a different universe of suaveness!

  3. Ooh I hate that feeling when you think - "I'm pleased they have nice clothes/shoes" but where's my new clothes/shoes? Yep, It's not nice being empty handed! x

  4. Ahhh, Paul Smith. He can do no wrong.

  5. Love those shoes! They're very Cary Grant.

  6. Revel in his dapper good looks! Holy cow!

  7. So was he ONLY wearing socks and shoes?

  8. nice classic shoes. my brother loves paul smith.

  9. The Daily Debtor - I've emailed you to say your comment box doesn't work, so hope you read this!!


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