Thursday, 20 August 2009

When it is hot it's Brighton

Whilst I don't want to bore you with family ailments, le petit garcon had a bit of a disappointment when the long planned treat of a trip to Legoland ended in him being a bit sick. Enough.

With the sun shining and spirits restored I took the opportunity to leave the surrounds of London and head to the coast - Brighton. Le petit garcon could barely contain his excitement and upon arrival at the pier he stormed into the madness that is the arcade. What worried me most was his hooligan tendency to try the change areas for spare coins! Without spending a penny in the amusement arcade we attempted to complete the purpose of our seaside mission the ghost train. Except petit garcon was just under the requisite height of 1.1m. He was perfectly composed about the rejection but made me take him on the helter skelter!

I could do this thanks to the helping hands of Delicious Industries who joined us on the pier. The garcon baulked at the top but I told him the only way down was on the mat. I paid for my insistence in the form of helter skelter burns to my hand.

Scooby Doo shout out on carousel bus

Seaside ice cream

Peachy feast on train

Petit garcon at top of bouncy slide, helter skelter in background!


  1. Haha, brings back memories of Clacton-I too did the helter skelter with the boys, but doing the waltzer was a step too far, I knew there was a good reason I hadn't been on it since I was 13, LOL!! Hope le petit garcon enjoyed himself, at that age its all such a massive experience for them!!

  2. Was great to see you. The carousel pics didn't really come out very well. Hope your Helter Skelter burns are getting better!

  3. You have (officially) the cutest little boy!

  4. Oooh I do *love* Brighton!

  5. Hope your helter skelter burns are better too! Looks like a great day! x

  6. OMG he's soooooooo cute!!!!!
    Sounds you had a great day, how nice.

    Hope all is great with you, my dear.


  7. Not that I've anything against the wonderfully educational building bricks, but the Legoland experience is enough to make anyone sick. All those things to buy and eat all those crazy up and down rides. Brighton sounds like a breath of fresh air and I'm sure there must have been a little bit of a sea breeze even on the hottest day of the year so far? x


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