Sunday, 16 August 2009

Stylish things for free

1. Sit up straight! This is good old fashioned advice that means whatever you are wearing will wear well with a straight back and some deportment.

2. Attitude. Here's some more good old fashioned advice from Valentino relating to style and a beautiful woman "She is cool, calm and collected. She knows where she's going and the quickest way to get there. Beauty has nothing to do with perfect features. It's an attitude." From Valentino Garavani: First Name in Fashion - I love this book but at nearly a £800 it is just as well I can go to Central St Martins College to look at it.

3. A Gratitude Journal. An illuminating well being special edition in the Weekend Guardian magazine covered a look at what makes us happy. -Weekend columnist Oliver Burkeman looks at what we have learned from the positive psychology movement in the last 10 years – and confesses to keeping what psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky calls a "gratitude journal", listing all the little things for which he feels thankful. "Naturally, I am hugely embarrassed to admit this," he says. "The awkward truth, though, is that keeping a gratitude journal has made a detectable and sustained difference to my state of mind."


  1. Thanks for the reminders, Kate. I needed them.

  2. Love this! I have been meaning to start a gratitude journal!


  3. This is absolutely fantastic advice and it's a shame more people don't follow it. I for one know that my posture needs work, but it's so tricky with having to sit at a computer all day!

    Thanks for the words to live by :)

    Amy xo

  4. top tips. that attitude is right. i think the best looks are the strong ones.

  5. I'm a terrible sloucher and know better!


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