Monday, 10 August 2009

Size 16

Dear Reiss, Karen Millen and Ted Baker,

Please get with the programme and stock size 16 clothes - why stop at 14? What is wrong with size 16? 6-16 sounds perfectly reasonable. You produce some delightful garments so share the love.



  1. I couldnt agree more! Especially when two of the store you mention cut so small!!

  2. It seems odd that they wouldn't seeing as the most common UK size is a 14, there are obviously people above the average as well as below.

  3. It's funny, stores just don't think, I bet they would sell many more size 16 than they do size 6.

  4. YES!!!

    Thank you for posting this.

    The other day I was flipping channels and happened upon a show called 'Bulging Bride' (W network in Canada)and they were trying to tell this poor woman who is a size 10 that she was too fat. Granted her bust was about 5 sizes too big for her frame but there was nothing wrong with her figure.

    I felt ill aftwerwards.

  5. All sized women need decent clothes. Here here.

  6. J Crew now has some items that only go up to a size 8. Makes me crazy mad!!!!

  7. Totally, they would sell so much more clothes.

  8. Ugh I agree. It's not like 16 is a massive size...apparently it's the national average, so you think they'd want to cater to everyone.
    Sometimes i just can't be doing with fashion designers!


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