Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Reiss A/W online

The good thing about a retailer like Reiss, if you tell them something they listen. I don't necessarily mean they listen to me but to feedback in general. Last season and the season before Reiss were very slow to tie in their internet retailing site with the store collection drops. But this season they've managed to beat the end of August deadline.

And this season Reiss is approaching the wow factor. I judge a stores wow factor on the fact one doesn't know what to try/touch first. I can't remember the last time I had wow factor and in fairness it is most usual in the shoe or handbag department, but with clothes I think I'd have to travel back in time to High Street Kensington market, which is now home to Wholefoods and others.

However, Reiss is a brand continually working towards the high street equivalent of the wow factor as are stores like Oasis and in their own way the team that deliver Limited Collection at M&S.**

Reiss has lifted the game with its superb and well timed 1971 collection. Now, I'm not convinced by using a year to brand a collection, and the choice is due to the year Mr Reiss* first began trading, but the look and feel of the collection is mighty fine. It has a nonchalant, yet stylish edge and whilst the reverie of all things Parisian is obvious - not just by the setting of the photo shoot and the video - more the fact the individual garments reflect Paris style, this doesn't detract from the collection.

One could imagine it being the look de jour for style shoots for attendees for Paris Fashion Week. The 1971 collection does reflect this seasons trend details of suede and studs that will saturate the high street but is mixes cut and colour well to create a more sophisticated edge to the look.

This is the choice for injecting freshness and youth into your wardrobe with quality befitting a stylish but knowing fashionista. Now there is just the matter of size 16...

* I once met David Reiss when he was visiting the Bristol store a few years ago and he is a very handsome man!
** PS Sir Phillip Green and Jane Shepard are to be thanked for this - though in my view Topshop is in need of a refresh to be a leader again. And Jane is striving towards excellence at Whistles but it is still to early to say if she's got it right.


  1. I'll have a look....I like the fabrics they use in general. I look forward to viewing the 1971 line. x

  2. Hi there-yes, I've seen some of the 1971 pieces in Grazia and Elle and they look fabulous, its a great line for sure.

  3. Is that an animal print I see? Nice!

  4. I've kinda been circling Reiss for a couple of years now, without ever committing to a purchase. The prices tend to be a little bit silly, always just that 40 quid too much! xx

  5. Love Reiss ~ so cool that you met the designer!


  6. I like the dress in the top photo

  7. The new collection including the 1971 is awesome. But I'd still rather buy Acne or APC than what I still see as 'high street'. I just don't like the idea of mass market!

  8. Yes I also like Reiss and it was the only thing I nearly bought when in London, a Reiss dress that is xx


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