Monday, 31 August 2009


This little beauty of a hand dye basin resides in Central College St Martins on Charing Cross Road's female toilets. I took this picture on my blackberry of it a couple of weeks ago when I was hit with nostalgia. I once dyed some sheets for a fashion shoot to create a tie dye effect many moons ago in this basin. And when I popped into the library at Charing Cross I went to the toilet on my way out and thought I needed to capture this basin as it won't be there much longer. CSM is moving to a new purpose built college near Kings Cross soon and Holburn and Charing Cross will be no more.

I was also a bit cross the last person to use it hadn't cleaned it out properly and left the residue of dye in and on the basin, very naughty and selfish. I might sneak in a final hand dye .... the rack above the basin comes down to allow you to drip dry the dyed item.


  1. Hi there-wow, what a piece of fashion history-hope you get to use it before it gets moved!!

  2. Naughty person not cleaning it! Good luck getting there before it's gone, what are you thinking of dying?

  3. what will happen to the old sites once they move? Are they being torn down down?

  4. Sharon Rose - I don't think I'll get round to it!

    Everyonesaysdon't - I'll do a tie dye master class!

    WendyB - it is fine with rubber gloves but I think I've lost enthusiasm for public hand dying.

    Glowing Doll- Foyles is moving in to Charing Cross Road site not sure about Holburn

  5. I hope the shirts turn out great!

    Kisses and hugs friend!

  6. Kira Fashion - the sheets turned out fine it was for an Elle magazine shoot circa 1994!


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