Friday, 22 October 2010

Coleen you have to walk off our ads

And our lives when it comes to fashion in general. You have chosen to stay with an arrogant, money grabbing man, whose behaviour this week in respect of his 'demands' is completely out of step with current trends in respect of hopes, desires and behaviour plus the economic reality of most.

I will admit I am horrified and mad that Nancy Sinatra's wonderful These boots are mad for walking have been used in a Littlewoods ad. I have nothing against Littlewoods and think it is a clever ad campaign, even quite good fun. However it does concern me that a women of good fortune whose recent private life has been of murky depths due to her husband's behaviour continues to be paraded as a vehicle for selling things. I loved that song - it is temporarily spoilt.

The delightful Wayne is concerned about his fellow work colleagues being up to scratch in the servicing department (goals = points =prizes). Can you imagine turning up at work and negotiating a new contract for more money and better work colleagues? A bit rich coming from the person who couldn't up his game at the world cup.

Regardless of the detail of this top football story of the week, the point about Coleen going off our screens, print ads and ahem, editorial is valid.

Her success is predicated on her marriage to a highly paid footballer and she has been afforded the opportunity to make lucrative deals. She has chosen to stay with a man who continues to enjoy a bit of paid fun with willing women (victims?). Yet what does this message send to us all. If you are young and impressionable you might strived to achieve the same at whatever cost. If you are young and cynical you probably can't stand them and if you are like me then you might be heartily sick of the fact their love of money seems more important than anything else.

So dear Coleen, Littlewoods et al enough is enough (No more tears....Donna Summer & Barbara Streisand). Begone.

Update: Pressure came to bear and Rooney renewed his contract with Man Utd. Rumour has it no other clubs would talk to his agent. He got his pay rise and the reassurances he wanted! God help Coleen. In light of comments I would like to add I think she is very sweet and I'm glad she has had these opportunities. I also think had she taken her A levels she'd have gone on to university. My view is based on the corruption of values due to money. There is nothing wrong with having money but the love of money above other matters...and that is born of arrogance. The arrogance belongs to Wayne. Coleen has been weak and is that weakness born of status and money?


  1. I like the add and I like her, I loved Coleens Real Women show, I feel sorry for her, it must be hard to walk away from your childhood sweetheart when you have a little baby, money or no money.

  2. Dear Kate, if it was me I would have to split up with him as the trust would be gone and I wouldn't ever allow anyone to turn me into a nervous wreck every time they went out. Thankfully it's never happened but I know I couldn't stay with someone who cheated. For her it's even worse as it's so public. Have a brilliant weekend xx

  3. Hi Kate! The ad doesn't bother me one way or another, she comes across as a pleasant, down-to-earth girl and a realistic person for teenaged girls to aspire to.
    I do feel tremendously sorry for her current situation, young mum in the public spotlight with an errant partner and a seriously ill sister. Poor girl must be going through hell. xxx
    PS You looked absolutely stunning lasy night, your outfit was gorgeous.
    PPS My eBay shop is:
    I'll probably list the bags over the weekend.

  4. Tough one this for me. I really like the ad and I think Colleen is a very sweet girl, as Fab said it must be a very hard situation for her. I totally agree with you on Rooney though - what a big bloody baby, I would have kicked him out if I were both Colleen and Fergi! I really hate the whole footballers / WAGS culture for what it has become.

  5. Shane Warne's wife went on to better things in Australia after his indescretions were exposed. I think that is wh Warney spends more time in Britain these days. I was hoping Colleen would do that. Oh well, that's what you get for marrying a man with a head like a potatoe.


  6. I just don't get all the fuss about her or Wayne....

    Happy weekend sweets !

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  8. Maybe we're the same age bracket or something as I tend to agree. I find the song is inappropriate, as it's really a self empowering/make a stand kind of song and she is not a strong advocate for either.

    But then again I'm indifferent to The Rooneys in general I think they're just altogether tacky.


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