Sunday, 17 October 2010

Make Do Magic

Whilst I'm not of the Etsy variety, I do enjoy a bit of clothing DIY. A couple of weeks ago I featured faux fur collars which in turned inspired the lovely Vintage Vixen to make her own from her jumble sale haul. So we come full circle in the blogosphere of style to a make do Christmas present idea for a dear fashionable family member or friend.

To create a faux fur collar you need either a second hand find to take the faux fur collar off, or go to John Lewis or a haberdashery shop. Handily even ebay has sellers who deal in faux fur.

All you have to do is cut to the required size and add material or ribbon to tie the collar. If you find a long faux fur collar in a charity shop, look for a brooch too to add to it.

For those of you worried about 'cleanliness' then depending on the fauxness, the easiest way to clean/freshen up is to spray the material with Fabreeze or similar and hang outside to dry. Then put inside the airing cupboard or tumble dryer with a drying sheet to make it new.

Look how fab it looks on Viv!


  1. She did such an amazing job didn't she? I just can't think of anyone I know who would quite appreciate one as a Christmas present or I'd definitely be making them.

  2. Vix made a great coller didnt she, very Miu Miu I think!

  3. i always attempt these diy things but always fail at them. this one could be an option, seems quite simple.
    fi from SaveOurShoes

  4. Vix is simply wonderful with her diy work, it looks gorgeous! xx

  5. I'm honoured by the mention! (Blush, blush
    Great idea about Christmas pressies, it'll save me a fortune. xxx

  6. Sounds like a great pressie idea! I'm currently revamping my reversible faux-fur gilet from four years ago for Autumn so will post about that and if its a success then I might have a try at a collar.

  7. What an amazing job. Love it.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Hope your weekend was great


  8. Dear Kate, that's brilliant she was inspired by your post. Vix never fails to amaze me with her creativity, style and resourcefulness. I love seeing her finds every day xx

  9. Love it. Viv has great hair and a nice frock too.

  10. Love it - I wore a faux fur stole last month for the first time and it was actually quite cosy and practical!

  11. Love this - i'm going to make this as stocking fillers for both of my sisters!

  12. Hi, you have a great blog, I found it because you have Vix on it, I think she is great.

    I am your newest follower, hope you can follow me too, would love to stay close to your blog and it will remind me to comment often.


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