Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A Little Black Dress or 4, but first...

It was at the recent Elizabeth Emanuel LFW show that I met Laura Richenberg the person behind the my987wardrobe venture. We met due to my lovely original Anya Hindmarch clutch, which she admired. That led to talk about blogging, car boot sales and her business.

Last week we met up with the intention of an interview, which was hard to achieve as we could have talked about anything and everything! I'd already done some prep and received one item of clothing to check out. I selected a pair of black harem pants, something I would never buy. I wanted to try before I buy because the ethos of my987wardrobe as a value stockist.

It was weird wearing harem pants but the material was lovely and they were a good cut for the style. At £9.87 they beat Primark for material quality and seemed no different to all the harem pants I'd passed by. I have been converted to their usefulness for a summer holiday. I attempted to take a photo - on a self timer- of the make do outfit. Um, it is a game of more than 2 halves. In fact I had to go into extra time. But I was pleased I compiled a universal holiday look for travelling or out and about with the harem pants and my old gladiators, a cut up Gap stripey tee, the Topshop shrug and my trusty Mui Mui sunnies. I bought these about six years ago on sale in Sunglasses Hut at Heathrow Airport For £36 on route to Philadelphia. I'd forgotten mine, it was November but I can't be without sunglasses, ever.

Yep the self timer worked

Attempting to get a full body shot but failing

Oh hang it here are the feet

I might not have sold harem pants to you and I'll readily admit they are pretty shapeless but these pair are so soft I trusted Laura's judgement on her stock. I persuaded her to give 4 dresses away. They are all the same style but there is one in Small, Medium, Length, Xtra Large. It is a 60s style swing dress and all you have to do to win one is be a follower and state win in the comment box plus tell me your best recent value purchase.

And the full interview with Laura to come soon....

UPDATE - Laura emailed me to say she's just come back from a buying trip with lots of great new pieces to add next week as she moves into A/W stock phase 2.


  1. Hi my dear-love the harem pants on and a really fab look!! My best recent purchase has to be my black cropped shearling jacket for £19.99 from Sue Ryder, I intend to keep for years, lol!!

  2. I definitely want to win - since I lost weight I don't have a LBD! My only recent purchase was a pair of pants from Zara for a fiver! Not exactly sure what you would call them - they're kind of a cross between skinny cargos and harem pants in a khaki green. I call them my saggy-ass pants :)

  3. Win! My latest bargain was a winter coat for £31!

  4. What a fab give away and a great idea, I have just clicked into the shop and it is really good. Telling all my friends to check this out and comment!

  5. I have to agree I love harem pants, in fact the best ones I have found are from Primark! After checking out the usual highstreet stores and designer ones, I liked them best for material and crotch drop, they were about £10 so I have black, grey and cropped ones.

    I wont enter the comp as I just bought a new LBD from Zara so wont be greedy! Lovely dress though and good luck to the winners x

  6. I love harem pants! I buy mine in India and wear them to death when I'm there. Yours look lovely and I love the shruggy thing.
    That's a fab dress. I'm not sure what my best bargain is of late as there's so many! Perhaps my 20p 1960's pussybow blouse as I've worn it 4 times already and 5p per wear is pretty good value!
    Oh yes, I'm a follower and a Small. xxx

  7. Laura is lovely. I met her outside the new Topshop in Knightsbridge in April http://fashionistable.blogspot.com/2010/05/out-and-aboutmy987wardrobe.html
    it is good to see her venture growing. Looking forward to your interview. Xxxx

  8. Re comment - of course you can. Xxxx

  9. Win! I bought two skinny woven belts for £5 so I could dress out my outfits to meet the AW 2010 trends without have to buy an entirely new wardrobe!

  10. Definitely hope I win this one!

    Best value recent purchase? Probably a sumptuous vintage fake fur coat from Vix's shop. She did me a very good deal on it and it's in such good condition that I can't believe my luck!

  11. Dear Kate, I can't believe the prices, they're fantastic! I love harem pants they are so comfortable. I have a few pairs.

    The dress is great. I won't be greedy either as you know how many black dresses I already have!

    My best bargain recently is an Antik Batik black sequined hoody for £20. They are £150 online. Hope you're having a good week xx

  12. I'd love to win, that dress is just my style ^^
    My best recent purchase were some brogues from primark. Either that or a black patterned maxi skirt from dorothy perkins. Both items I wore for days (not together though, lol)continuously after I bought them, and that's the mark of something that was was the right decision to buy, for me.

  13. WIN

    Boring I know but I've just bought a long sleeved lowish necklined black t shirt for £20 from Jaeger to wear under short sleeved dresses, under two tank tops I already have and lastly to wear on it's own under a jacket for meetings at work.
    PS Love the pants but as I am an XL not sure I could get away with them Aliss

  14. Hello! I would love to win! It would make my day! My favourite recent bargain was a knitted cape for £5 (not a super hero one!) Great for layering as I'm always sooooo cold
    Kathryn x

  15. My latest and favourite bargain ever is the Puff Sleeve Dress I got from 'my987wardrobe' a couple of weeks ago. I am so very happy with the quality and perfect fit of the dress . . . a real steal indeed. Thanks to you Kate for posting about the dress. I never would have heard about the site if I haven't come across your blog a few weeks ago.


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